Sunday, 29 November 2015

Food and cancer

Potatoes 'reduce risk of stomach cancer'

 Sites such as greenmedinfo and others reveal the deep benefit of living and natural foods - as a core element in cellular health - that is part of the regenerative and ongoing healthy function of the body-mind including the immune function.

The MSN (main stream 'news') generally shies away from revealing non patented and cheap ways of living well and healing because there is literally a trillion dollar industry involved in 'managing sickness' - (on all levels including food and drugs), that has long had undue influence on scientific and educational as well as research funding and career opportunities. If this wasn't so - why 30-40 years for the KNOWN science on sugar to 'come out' or for the scam of trans-fat corporate scam that demonised butter and saturated fats, to come to light?

There is deep corruption in our society and yet the first level of corruption is in being out of true with our own nature - our own true feelings - our own Consciousness. Real food and self-honesty is a good as any place to start - but health is not added you unless you uncover and extend it from within. So much 'science' is seeking to enable an out of true life to persist without unbearable negative consequences. An exemplary exception such as Dr Pearlmutter may not be always correct - but I applaud a willingness of scientists to engage a moral responsibility rather than pretend they are 'neutral' in supporting and reinforcing choices for sickness - or sick choices - as if they are above the marketplace of cultivating profit from them.

I personally don't eat a lot of potatoes but usually re-cook them to optimise resistant starch for pre biotic benefit - and also reduce the carb/sugar spike. But we are all different and what is right for me now may change and may not serve you. I look forward to inclusive embracing truths rather than the war of identities in competing 'truths'.

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