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Exporting Revolution - a Policy of Terror

‘Exporting Revolution’: Zbigniew Brzezinski On Trial At The UN General Assembly
Though never mentioned by name, the shadow of the 87-year-old loomed large over the U.N. General Assembly, with the U.S. and its allies defending or glossing over his quiet strategy of destabilization and the rest of the world’s leaders decrying it as a “policy of terror.”
By Caleb T. Maupin

'Evil' is the shadow of an asserted self righteousness - that then locks onto the perceived evil OUTSIDE itself and attempts to control, deny, enslave or kill it.
It is not enough to see evil OUTSIDE and fight it - as if that in any way is not serving its own agenda under mask of righteousness.

The imprinted beliefs of a 'survivalist identity' amidst terror and threat operate without true consciousness - as if spun off in a private and disconnected sense of Life as THREAT.
The attraction of 'righteous' hating diverts from the embrace of the heart that is thus 'locked out' to a 'mind' that is trapped in, the feelings of hate.

The mind can and does elaborate justifications - justifictions, yes - but written in flesh as pain and loss. Heart and mind are one - and the split mindedness that denies Feeling, is the 'thinking' that is divorced from the very Movement of our being - from Life Itself.

I write to the choice NOT to listen to insane thinking - regardless its apparent justifications - and to Listen in the heart - even and especially when hurting in the hateful. For a greater Acceptance of 'That we are as we are' must precede the freedom to be as we, in truth prefer.

A control mentality is to be dismantled... while operating such check and balance as a fundamental integrity of communication moves in us to be.

S.M. Stirling replies to me:

Dude, life is a threat. It's so threatening that there is a 100% probability of it eventually killing you.

My response to S.M Stirling:

I could see what you wrote as: Life is certain death, but a temporary delay of the inevitable allows that thought to assert itself.
That thought is the belief of the fragmenting and fragmented self/mind.
However, you are free to believe it and HAVE the experience.

When the cuckoo's egg hatches, other chicks are pushed from the nest and the life support system is usurped that was their due.
Likewise when guilt and fear thinking is accepted into the mind it pushes your heart's knowing and true thoughts out and steals your identity - like a phishing attack or a trojan deceit.

Now a 'you' separate from 'life' sees life as a threat - a terror that will surely crush the 'life' out of 'you'.
I suggest there is much more to You that 'you' allows you to know and that life and death are very different from what the 'you' thinking dictates.

If your computer is compromised by security breach so as to become a tool of some agenda that is not your own true will - then clear out the false and re-establish a pristine original system - and maintain full vigilance against deceit.

In short, the definitions and core beliefs by which you identify and live - determine your life. For whatever conditions you meet or unfold as your life - they are those by which you are expressing your core beliefs as to who and what you are - and what the world is.

These are not 'materially fixed' - though they may be very heavily reinforced. Life is also a capacity to open NEW perspective. Whether there is the willingness and desire to Live is another thing - for the guilt-thinking works to block the awareness and feeling of LIFE - towards ensuring a false peace in a loss of capacity to feel and recognize LIFE - instead identifying with the parasitic thinking that kills its host and propagates itself thereby.

Everything changes. Nothing really 'survives' its own instant of appearance - yet there is ... beneath the ever changing, a tangible Spirit or Purpose that can be aligned with and awaken to recognize itself through Creation. The key is; "what you give out, is what you get back". As you are sowing so ARE you reaping. The fact that this does not SEEM true or obvious, is the result of a fragmented mind at war within itself - that "does not know what it does' because it is largely unconscious of its formative and interpretive belief.

Yes Life contains catalyst and challenge and a process of obstructions or adversities that may or may not be transformed or undone. If the ideas you are accepting as true are serving you - use them. Live by them. If they are not - have a clear out to make room for what does serve your joy in Life. And why not?

James Wherry Shelia Sperbeck commented to the main article

Why? Brezinski called it right, when he predicted the invasion of Afghanistan. He correctly organized opposition to it. As a college student in the 1980's, I did put up the posters of the "butterfly bombs" that the Soviets dropped on villages. They were bombs shaped like toys and pens that blew the hands off of children - and that was what they were intended for.

Brezinski's glaring failure underscores my contempt for the Far Left: like all of the other anti-war protesters, he mindlessly turned his back on Vietnam and ignored the human rights abuses that the hate groups who make up the peace movement PROMISED us they would continue to fight against. Har, har, har. Under their watch, 3 million human beings were murdered in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The only thing comparable was the Rwanda genocide under Bill Clinton.

I felt this response:

The 'opposition' pre dated the  Russian invasion - and was designed to lure USSR into their own 'Vietnam'. I thought the death and destruction (and profit thereby), were the intended outcomes of such policy - under guise of this-ism v that-ism.

However, any information or appearance is itself potentially carrying or promoting hidden agenda. The idea of passing off as something else in order to undermine or prevail over is deeply embedded in human consciousness. It used to be called 'the deceiver'. Now it may be called spin, PR or part of full spectrum dominance. That is to control thinking, perception and reaction of the minds of 'others'. I have heard that you cant cheat an honest man - though he may be thankful for the revealing of any residual liability by which he could be triggered. What is honesty here but a congruency of thought, word and deed.

Clever thinking may promise much, but there is also the saying what goes around, comes around - and as you sow, so shall you reap. I don't say these AT you as if you should take them on from me - but with you in willingness to stay awake amidst the liability of being scammed - perhaps by a false sense of ourself that 'others' take advantage of.

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