Thursday, 3 December 2015

Directed History is like a phishing scam

Hitler's Mein Kampf to be republished in Germany for first time since WWII

A strange and rather bald article (linked above) on a book that - as another commenter noted - has been readily available online for decades. I am given to believe it was a collaborative effort and not Hitler alone. I haven't read it and a random opening paragraph on struggle did not induce me to want to give it further attention.
But the web of demonising propaganda is so much a current part of the world order that 'Hitler' is not history so much as part of the world order of which most are unaware.

Anyway - I wrote this but the message would not post into its commenting facility - even abridged.

Any information, any forms of meanings, or accepted meanings, can be fitted to serve or mask a narrative intent in which truth is distorted, filtered or denied and replaced with false assertion.

This operates a kind of 'war' within Consciousness as to which interpretation, perception, reality is uniquely dominant, right or true, and such conflict fragments the mind in ever shifting patterns of alliance and oppositional factions.

The promotion of such dissension and confusion in Consciousness is itself a subtle tactic by which to divert attention in others from awareness of the act of framing any set of choices or perception in such a way as to serve the hidden agenda.

In general this kind of deceit is simply part of our human psychological defence amidst any sense of threat, but in particular is refined and resorted to by those most driven to seek or maintain power by undermining the power of others.

The dark arts are not magic - but operate like magic - not unlike a phishing attack that has people reacting as if something is true in a situation and appearance that passes off as true, whereby attention is then freely operating within a deceit - and against its own interests.

Politicians seeking power and influence seek to persuade and will use whatever means they see as serving their intent.

There is a particular agenda that has demonized Hitler - and inserted a deeply invalidating guilt upon the German - and indeed European Psyche. That is not to say Hitler should be exonerated or applauded - but that such demonizing intent is an act of denial of true and the projection of that denial onto others - by invalidation of whom is one's own assertion of right to power, seemingly justified.

Blame, hate and punishment is the currency of war, but responsibility opens a true accounting of ownership. The mind that is operating under a falsely directed history is not able to respond truly while captive to a distortion narrative. This applies to humanity in general - but there are deeper levels of our Consciousness of which we are unaware as a result of being in a sense, run by ideas that are not true of us.

Struggle is associated with conflicted purpose. Divide and rule is the device I indicated above. There is a deeper movement than struggle for power that is already moving as the power of desire in awareness - not in thought - but pre verbally.

In coming to a true sense of integrity in Life - one has to listen and feel and open to Life. Guilt absolutely forbids or blocks such a Life  - and so one is brought to choose between such life as guilt asserts and the true movement and un-foldment of our being. There is no avoiding this choice, but choosing guilt confers the illusion of a surface identity in which one is protected somewhat from the direct exposure to such raw and intense emotional feeling and mentally conflicted confusion.

That is perhaps why our human condition-ing has become a fixed and unchangeable sense of un-healable and un-correctable denied terror - and why those who use terror in subtle or less subtle manipulations, can effectively direct outcomes by engineering perception and identity.

If we do not be our true presence, we assert an image and defend it as our self.
This identity is thus operating in our Place - and yet is now defending itself from any information or perspective that would expose the inner contradiction - including anything that would bring healing.

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