Sunday, 29 November 2015

Worshipping Hate as if it were our Humanity

Humans have always hated each other - that’s why we’re so successful

Interprets a cheap lack of journalism or editorial wisdom regarding the findings of a particular study.

Don't be deceived!
Self-hate is at the root of the projection of rejected and denied thought and feeling.
This is invisible from WITHIN the fragmentation that occurs so it is likely that you will not be able to hear or understand what I am saying. The war-minded cannot know of wholeness.
For the split-off mind that seeks to validate and defend itself (and indeed prevail over its world  and others) - believes itself the exclusive or separate whole 'self' in a world of hateful others. Why hateful? Because who hates themself MUST hate others. Hence Jesus points to the original: love others as yourself - and indeed your Life, Source and true being (God).
Hate has brought the destruction of the world - very nearly now - and that is not successful...
Hate has disguised itself as acceptable and respectable and protective - which are properly qualities of love - and to be successfully deceived is not exactly commendable!

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