Monday, 7 September 2015

Money cant buy me love

Money cant buy me love - but love can recognize its abundance within a flow of Communication in all kinds of currency of exchange

It’s official: money can buy you happiness
by Emily Cadman

Need I say the article linked above reads shallow and silly?

Attempt to escape unhappiness is covered OVER with substitutes for Happiness. When the medications/magic wears off the unhappiness rises to awareness. One can look within and know the nature of unhappiness OR one can call on external power, conditions and substitutes to suppress or deny it by masking its symptoms. Collectively we tend to turn a blind eye to anything that threatens to undermine our personal mask/defence - not least by making the messenger/symptoms 'evil' and thus deny the cause in our 'war on symptoms'.

As for the moneylender in the Template - have you not woke up to the cartel that rises from inserted and captured regulatory 'protections' that generate and protect not the supply and trading of the Goods of life - but the private agenda of a power 'class' who define their happiness as being specially superior and in control or dominion over the 'mass' of a humanity worthy only of coercive control at best and cynical exploitation or collateral sacrifice at worst.

However, in the same purpose as Jesus, I invite using the reflection in the world (privately owned central bank creating debt based money as and when it serves their private agenda - or indeed other similar, such as big pharma and the military/notional security cartels) to illuminate the same patterning within our own consciousness and consequently in our cultural values, and vocabularies of exchange and communication.

Investment of identity within the world of change can only be fearful. True happiness is 'upstream' to external conditions in which the external condition AND the 'internal subject' arise together from mistaking an image or form of reality for the Real Thing.

"And you will weep each time an idol falls" A Course in Miracles

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