Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Good and Evil?

A commenter on this page asked me the following:

"Are evil and good the same entity?"

Most of what I write is as it says at the top; a willingness to listen. Giving form to what comes is also a willingness to feel what phrases and vocabularies to use and editing to correct or clarify - but still within the willingness of listening.

Here's my response - it is stated but only to your own willingness to consider and reflect - for you can seek to determine or you can consent to recognize. These are different uses of the mind. One judges - and is judged, the other accepts and is accepted (knows no rejection).

Evil and good are not entities.
The desire for the knowledge of good and evil is the desire to judge it so.
In Original Creation is no evil. For all is recognized God (Good) - without a second).
From the desire to judge good or evil is an image of God, (of Self - of Life - of Existence Aware) - taken as God, that is then confronted with experience as an entity over and against the Infinite that is not yet embraced, recognized or accepted within the imaged self and so seems OTHER - for ANY image, idea or symbol can only point to or be an expression OF the Infinite Creator-Mind.
The judgement of OTHER unrecognized brother -  becomes the projection of dissonance that is then sought to escape by seeking to get rid of it. But this is self-rejection and thus rejected self experiences itself limited, denied, abandoned, betrayed and victim of evil as well as fearing it is evil to deserve such communication.
The fear of split minded judgement seeks to regain the 'Good' but can only grasp at forms that momentarily echo Connectedness - but then reinforce a sense of disconnection and depletion.

The contraction and density of fear, and the fragmentations of projecting/escaping evil operate a facet of self-will which denies or forgets the Good in the attempt to regain it in false terms - for the Good cannot be grasped or possessed and such idea is a confusion of identity in form.
The expansion and rising of awareness through recognition, reintegrates to a truly extending creation aligned in acceptance and joy - with no sense of a need to posses or grasp and therefore free of any sense of possession by evil in thought word or deed.
These two operate the polarities of the physical experience as an entity in form or rather through form.
The journey of experience as the unfolding perspective of self-awareness is the 'rewakening' to the Good while still in lifetime - yet the Good is strictly not in time but is the glimpse of the timeless bleeding through the ordinary moment of appearance as blessing or joy.
The experience and belief in evil is a complex deceit because deceit is the lie and the father of the lie. However, it has a role in the recognition and forsaking of what is NOT you - as part of accepting what Is. Prior to such willingness it masks itself in the forms of the good in the false promise of becoming something in its own power. For the sense of powerlessness it will not accept and so cannot recognize or yield the judgement by which such experience of powerlessness is generated.
When judgement seems to be protector or saviour, fear is hiding beneath it. Is that evil?
It will seem evil when hiding and protection sacrifice all else to achieve it. And if that is to be blotted out from mind external evil MUST be sought and found to generate a relative innocence upon which to make a self in the world.

If evils are pretended not to be - they grow in the dark unseen while working through us unknown.
"Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof" offers a timely proportionate adjunct to investigate and challenge the evils or ills that arise as if to spoil or interrupt one's day - for that which is resisted, persists and that which is fought is fed attention and focus. So the way to put behind you what has no place in you is one of pausing from reaction, releasing one's thought or judgements to a genuine receptivity and trusting the movement of one's being. If fear is felt, feel it but do not its bidding. Let it be accepted that it is there so as to come out from darkness. Now it can move and change and reveal you to yourself in ways that expand your capacity for Life.

To tune into the fearful or evil, is to participate in its vibratory correspondences. To open into a true relationship with the living is to put fear behind you and shift to a higher frequency perspective. This can be so readily observed as to seem redundant - yet fascination with evil actually attracts an unguarded attention and allowing or receiving love, joy or peace will often be cut off or recoiled from almost immediately. So it can be said that you contain both within you and yet if you learn to choose one and let the other go the temptation to judge against will be left hanging - because you will be whole in your choosing. One cannot be whole in denial for that which is denied is inherent to the seeming existence of the denier.

Thankyou for the question. If it is a true question, you will have the measure you set.

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