Thursday, 10 September 2015

Communication breakdown or refusal to feel and know

These were commented into one of the UK mainstream news articles on the legality of UK drone execution on Syrian territory.

To an expressed desire to summarily kill presumed or alleged enemies without due process of law:

Does that apply to those in positions of power who attempt to usurp from within? (No less a crime but who steals a kingdom is called 'king').
If false case is laid before you will you give a blank cheque to execute the framed - as in Iraq's invented "weapons of mass destruction".
Is 'terrorist" a clearly defined term? Do you see that many terrorists become legal governments - as in the founding of Israel for example -or the ending of SA Apartheid.
If you are aware of the true context in which inflammation arises you would not seek to inflame it further with arrogant self-righteousness. A process of communication and core justice is generally persistently DENIED by those in power to those who suffer denial.
But while suffering the illusion of righteous power, war - in one form or another, persists! War draws many into it to become the sacrifice to its god. War operates the economy and our thinking in almost all aspects of our culture.

To an expressed desire to automatically strip citizenship from any presumed or alleged enemies without due process of law:

As I see the current trend almost EVERYONE is being systematically stripped of their citizenship through ruses of manufactured austerity and likewise seeded 'war on terror'.
In the usurping of wisdom and in the name of protection does Foxy Loxy induce the willing to entrapment.
If Foxy has your thoughts - you may think them your own - until a true account is called.
Justice is not in the world of war - but it is inescapable. "Everything you do, you do unto Me" holds a meaning the war-minded refuse to hear - and war is the way to block the ear in mass distraction and notional security. The enemy is subtler than a mind in reaction can imagine - for such a mind is generated BY the fear that hides in deceit. I declare a state of peace to exist beneath and beyond the mind-world of hate of fear and shame - but it is only found by true willing desire. Who would scapegoat others with their own guilt - let them hear the crowing cock.

To a summary execution (inavlidating dismissal) of what I wrote without due process of communication:

Wrap it up and dismiss it - as if you have actually engaged in communication. Such is the nature of an ignorance and arrogance that is defended against the possibility of feeling awareness - of the presence of life. Yes you can manufacture emotionality as part of your strategy, yes you can ardently worship and defend some symbolic token of 'Life" but what you cannot or will not do, is listen - because of course 'you already know'. But to judge is not to know and everything you give out comes back - not in vengeance but as justice of setting the measure of your worth.
Consider that the 'war' on terror - has and is forcefully SEEDING the very thing it purports to 'eradicate' whilst operating the eradication of rights and freedoms of its own population. It also asset strips the Earth to an evaporation of misery and debt and powerlessness. Into which at some pre-ordained threat, the need and call for global power as protection is inserted.
There are better ways to live than upon a foundation of terror - which operates to split off our minds from Creation Itself.
To find true cultural renewal on has to go much deeper than the fear by which we are manipulated - or it is but rebranding spin upon denial of a war within our own consciousness.
It may be so that anyone can become anyone else's hate target - or be run over, fall down stairs, etc But the replaying of terror symbols in the mind as a persistent threat by which to shut down the truly creative being we are is a self-made living death. You THINK you can use it to have your moment of power - and obviously you have your reward - but such victory is hollow and fleeting - and honesty rises if you don't keep it at bay - because true nature does not use coercion to be all that it is. Only the lie calls for such defence to seem thus to survive.
Hate is blind - whether us or them, but consider that false flag and trojan deceit is established in the mind of power as necessary evils - and the price it demands collateral loss. It is never satiated but fleetingly.

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