Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The NWO since 9/11

‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11
By John Whitehead


The act of terror is one level of terror but the use of a terror event as a defiant assertion of power over the mind itself is a different order of terror. A new holocaust for a new brand of exceptionalism - well its an old brand re-applied...

 "THEY are seeking to destroy you and THEY are not like you and I, but are all around us and you MUST NOT challenge my protection of you, as this fear pervades every aspect of your life, and you MUST NOT challenge my wounds nor question my justification for attack - or you are supporting THEM - you are not then one of US but like THEM and forfeit whatever voice you had for THEY only lie as a prelude to turning on you". So you must be seen to support me or you choose to share THEIR fate.

It was a kind of mental blitzkrieg. It has shifted everything - but with different effect. That is - I awoke to behold the intensity and audacity of the will to power by deceit and terror in such a way as to no longer give allegiance or trust to anything reported - for it was more than an iron fist beneath a glove. It is a deceiver revealed, not merely in the world stage, but in my own mapping of trigger points.

And to be fair, deceit is so pervasively part of the human currency that it is the audacity in disregard for life that buckles the mind - not the destruction of buildings with people in. Any traumatic death can stop the mind - but the attempt to dictate the world narrative and enforce that as the prevailing truth is asserting a new world order that veils its power in an obviously falsely framed and set up attack. That's the power - not the mini nukes. They know we know its a set-up. They are confident in denying any voice to make any real difference.

The setting up of a horror to then make pseudo-religion of, is a form of mind control.

Very clever people study the mind with a view not to healing but to manipulating. They can falsely frame and subliminally trigger the guilts and fears they know are in you but denied or unhealed. They see humanity as a mechanism that can be programmed and manipulated - and except themselves by virtue of a sense of specialness, to be as lords or gods over men. It's an old script.

Whoever comes to find they have been checkmated by outcomes they did not expect may wonder if it was a fate they brought on themselves or a destiny they could not but enact unknowing.

Meanwhile the call to war is still in play... or is it the Call for healing? You get to choose.
The prism splits light into frequency bands and the times we are now in are a time of prism by which our choices - our responses - establish who we accept and believe ourself to be. I cant tell you how - but I sense a vibrational splitting to parallel Earth realities, so make sure you are on the bus that you are happy to live in for the next Cycle. It's getting more difficult to change buses. But nothing is difficult that is wholly desired.

Whereas dread of terror would deny all choice and frame only within the a war of powers, True acceptance embraces and releases all that is, as it is to be itself anew - and in this does freedom to choose rise as a positive integrational act rather than a fear defined avoidance.

That we have a choice is the communication beneath the captive attention within its own narrative, awaiting your noticing. What you choose to attend is your freedom to accept and live from. But if what Is... is denied and hidden by a false framing deceit - then the choices that are left you are no choice at all but what the device dictates.

The consolidation of power becomes the call to more deeply examine what we give power to - for it is ours to give, according to the meaning we get from the Word or definition we give. The false flag is a primary device for using a self inflicted wound as a means to displace or direct blame in hate and therefore appeal as justification for making war while guilting the other. Kids utilize this in the cradle and I sense it is part of the forgetting by which to enter a human lifetime.

I am always talking of the mind whatever the issue because it is an unwatched mind that falls prey to deceits that usurp the mind unawares.
This need not be. One can use the experiences as an education rather than being triggered in reaction. Its a choice.

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