Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Assassination by drone

Cameron’s drone strike in Syria raises questions

I do not give credibility to anything reported at face value, especially when effectively pasted into the main stream media. In modern times more sophisticated ways of engineering perceptions and indeed consent are available and used without due transparency or accountability. A purpose of self-protection operates openly. But what is protected to persist may not be true of us and may actually hasten loss or death. Fear stifles growth and war inflames negative 'growths'.

We are assured that our established institutional power structures are acting in our best interest and not serving their own private agenda as a power cartels - for by the regulatory protections that deny transparency and accountability, they become cartels imposing upon their will upon their citizens rather than in a genuine relationship of service.

Criminal acts are not acceptable and the rule of law is called upon. No matter who is involved.

Is the seeding and propagation of terrorism used as a proxy for other agendas? - for the so called "War On" anything has always effected the promotion and seeding of that thing - wither haplessly or by design. So who benefits? - what agendas are enacted within its cover? Follow the money? Note the consolidations of power? What are the weaknesses by which we are exploited to support what we would not otherwise choose or tolerate in ourself?

Are you told what to think? Is fear the basis of our thinking, or are we indeed created in and of a true presence of communication extending?

The 'deceiver' is fear-thinking. It plays all sides of any conflict and uses our fears as a point of gaining leverage and support. Personally I recommend not to use it, for no matter what it promises it always deals the same hand.

It appears that Mr Cameron is openly dealing the death penalty to British citizens in a foreign country without any prior procedure of trial or accountability whilst appealing to secret intelligence under notional security to justify himself after the act. That the individuals may have in fact been who the intelligence says they were and intending what is said they were is not the point - though anyone emotionally captive to the narrative will insist it is THE point. But that is the power of controlling the narrative! The war being unleashed is not contained or containable excepting by pausing from reaction within the narrative of hate and fear and the distortions and deceptions that are natural to hate and fear.

Everything we do, teaches others but also sets the measure of our own learning. We come to believe our own spin! We ARE each and all making choices that determine our world - and the world that then unfolds of such choices - for to choose to love to hate invites hatred to usurp our sovereignty of will in a false sense of power and an over extending reach that hollows out and lays waste. And we are undone not by 'enemy' but by our own vanity and folly. Who thinks they can control war? The globalist "elite" and their new world order? They embody the idea of war - not in their core humanity - but in the idea of exclusive right or power to prevail over and deny all else. And of course such action brings equal and opposite reaction - which they think they are using but they are out of relation and cannot see the humanity of others because they do not accept their own. I do believe a global governance will come - but one that serves the balance points for a maximal diversity of living, not a top-down dictate upon slaves. We've been there so many times.

Our humanity is the key to our divinity - but to become in the image of our hate is to forsake our true inheritance and believe ourself denied and to seek scapegoats to dump on and to kill.  It isn't really fundamentalism, extremism or radicalism - but an exclusive self righteousness within whatever forms mask the hate and thus give it justification - or sanctify it in the 'religion' of victim sacrifice to a jealous and vengeful god - for such is the god of fear  - regardless to forms it takes.

Waking up is a capacity to discern the communication within the form - rather than captive to form-based narrative. Why feed a man with fear when you can teach him how to recognize phishing attacks?

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