Monday, 7 September 2015

The refugee

The Daily Bell has an editorial:
The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It
By Ron Paul

Ron Paul identifies US led meddling in other countries affairs as the cause of wars and refugees, and calls for the dismantling of Empire.

Is it an empire? Is the dog wagged by its tail? Is the host hollowed out to be discarded by a parasite that fooled it into self-specialness and illusions of power? Is the US gov capable of controlling or holding to account or even knowing about what its left hand is doing? Has corporate coup already occurred but for the writing up of international 'trade' agreements to anoint its jurisdiction over nations. One can go deeper down the rabbit hole of the manipulative layers of mind but to what purpose unless to free our own. "Oh but we are already free" say the conditioned many who are freely open to participate in manipulation because they do not know their own fear and hide it where it can be hacked into through the back door by trojan thinking.
But where does the rot begin? Is it where brother joins with hate in denying brotherhood by which a true Consciousness (Father) is known and tangibly shared? Does it end where such ancient hatred is undone to a present loving? Will the war persist while hate has an object of its affliction? Does it take millennia for the echoing wake of such rejection and rejectedness to fade to true hearted sanity and reason?
Do we not collectively and individually re-enact the worship of a god of hate and war by sacrificing the joy of life and the youth and vitality of life's promise, to feed its relentless and unassuagable appetite? Before we throw stones - are our own hands and hearts clean of hidden hatred? Do we consent to let others do our dirty work so as to persist in a bubble of self righteous armchair criticism?

Regardless the words and perspectives brought to communication - is the quality of our presence. For the words and ideas have no power without our presence and in absence of true presence can any ideas seem to find pathways of compliance such that the nations unwilling to war are so easily tricked over and over and over again. If you want to be Human, you have to step up to the mark and be founded in a true humanity. If you prefer to trade in your humanity for an even deeper level of slavery dressed in trojan thinking - then that is the default choice you are consenting to by not waking up at the now of your being. To avoid risk turns out to be the most dangerous choice available, for it gives away all power to 'them' and to circumstance.

When the war comes to your life you will have that choice made for you - it IS being acted out and you are homeless in search of the basic foundations of human existence in a world that largely ignores or rejects you.

The war is not just military, it is globalism of a destabilising and asset stripping mentality that seeks power and profit apart from responsibility of just relations. A mind divided not only cannot stand - it can only bring the whole house down.
While there is a call to do something - the first call is to know - and I mean know - where you are coming from. For the false currency of triggered reaction is the basis of a conditioned society that is simply 'engineered' to its master's bidding - and the master of a reactive identity is fear - even if it wears love's disguise.

No one is at home in war but the mind locked in defence has forgot that there is Home and believes home is the eradication of adversity or opposition; or the securing of all factors so as to achieve dominance by which to overwhelm and undermine 'enemy'.

We but attack our own sanity and being thus blinded believe our own fears tell true.

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