Monday, 7 September 2015

Trojan mind operates as form which deceives because it is automatically accepted without question or challenge: Vaccinations

Google always filters Vactruth mails to spam.

Vaccination is a polarized issue. This itself is a sign of coercive intent and reactive opposition. Both of which operate to deny discernment.

I do not support or subscribe to the vaccination industry or to the lobby that it garners in seeming to offer protection against feared outcomes and power over life.

After moving the vactruth email to my inbox - in case Gmail might learn it is not junk to me I followed its link:

Infant Dies Following 5 Vaccine Doses

I understand why those learning of the true cost of vaccinating can become righteously hateful in response - but inflammation is not true information and I felt to comment thus:

Vaccinating is operating an anti-Life intent - behind a mask of the seeming power to protect from fear.
To choose NOT to vaccinate is not anti vax - it is simply to choose Life regardless of fear, and leave anti-Life un-chosen.
If you have already allowed any form of anti Life to usurp your sovereignty of will - then don't add to that with worry or fear - but reclaim your will by aligning with true desire - free of hidden hate and fear - which do NOT truly protect - but merely displace or hide anti Life in forms of deceit that bring on loss, conflict, sickness, and death.
Anti Life gets its identity in OPPOSITION to, but Life shares identity within Itself.
Jesus said 'Resist ye not evil" - because to feed hate with hate is to become hate.
To recognize the hateful beneath the forms of deceit is to recognize a choice that can be left unchosen.

We use the world to substitute for real relationship in so many ways - and have done so for millennia - so as to be caught up within our own deceits. Waking to - and then waking from such an oppositional self-will is often deeply and cuttingly painful - but FROM such a cut to the Soul-feeling is a truly humble and compassionate resolve accepted one's heart's desire.

Another commenter Erwin Alber said:

Vaccines have never protected anyone, saved anyone's life or prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense.

"Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

I reply to Edwyn and the thread readers:

But don't forget the placebo effect.
Faith can work miracles. But investing faith in magical or deceptive intent gives power away to a wishful or power seeking sense of fearful existence. For the wish is but a covering over a willing otherwise and the lust for power is the isolating burden of those who believe themselves powerless and threatened with exposure of invalidity and unworthiness of self.

I'm not disagreeing with Dr Shelton - but I am saying delusional insanity is much more deep seated in human consciousness and life on Earth than is recognized by those who begin to see some of the symptoms and signs it is there - but still WANT it to fall exclusively on OTHERS.

Belief in scape-goating others and killing them or driving them out of town is a form of delusional insanity or wishful magical thinking. It CAN seem to work for a while - but then the sickness returns and so the war escalates and war-mind replaces the Peace in which truth is discerned.

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