Friday, 5 February 2016

Media Integrity

A Guardian article on Trump, media power and social networking

My comment:

The term mainstream media is increasingly used to lump all of it together regardless its token 'regionalism' in terms of political or populist flavours. This because 'power agenda' rather than real relationship is becoming increasingly apparent. Honesty, integrity and honour are foundation without which lies become accepted currency and blame the method of self-righteous assertion.

Controlling the narrative is a power agenda. That various factions contest this may actually indicate power struggle within the elitists but more often is a screen reality by which to divide and rule unseen while diverting attention to proxy diversions.

Speaking truth to power is something a journalist could aspire to - for otherwise he or she becomes the controlled asset that is trained and relied upon to know where the line is and to keep their career. It is very complex because our consciousness is very complex - but the simplicity is that where there is no thirst for truth, lies will be suckled that prop up self-illusion, and where there is thirst for truth - Life will be invoked and manifested that does not share in that self-illusion - and it will come through all sorts of unexpected agencies or channels of synchronicities that do not pigeon-hole into the compartmentalised mind that is conformed to a power agenda rather than a real relationship.

Instead of filtering Trump - or any other phenomena of our times - into the establishment narrative - why not see the cultural currents that are embodying there? For it is the thirst that draws the embodiment - not an individual  acting powerful - and yet that thirst can also be distorted and filtered by what it judges against , rather than reading energetically.

The denial of the movement of Life is always the demonizing that generates the demonic reflected reaction - and that then sabotages and undermines what we thought to keep for ourselves. Yes there are particles or particular instances - but look at the wave. Or carry on playing out the good v evil narrative that serves to dictate power by invalidating and yes- hating others.

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