Friday, 5 February 2016

Migration as a weapon of war

Migration as a weapon of war: 'Ethno-engineering' used by the elites to manipulate the masses

I feel to write to other commentators as well as the article linked above. I start off writing about a pervasive mindset that has extreme example in the geopolitical manipulations of 'power elites' - but is generally invisible in the population at large. I feel that because we do not own and heal our own errors, we remain subject to and indeed unknowingly empower such negative agenda.


The negatively defined consciousness effectively weaponizes and marketizes everything - because its underlying or primary identity is in survive and prevail. That there are times when this is appropriate is not in question - or else we would never have established the basis through which to experience and explore such a continuous balance of focus within a very deep rabbit hole of complexity. However to be traumatically conditioned leads to becoming locked in such a 'reptilian' or primitive brain response as if it is the only allowable identification and hence usurps our true creative fluidity of being for an imprinted dictate. This is the loss of free willingness to the idea of free will in terms of oppositional power - which of course is never total - though it may seek to become so.

Conspiracy of breathing together in secret is a shared purpose of hidden agenda and requires no actual intimacy of communication - indeed it requires there NOT be such intimacy by joining in hate. The assertion of a private 'free will' upon true consciousness demands the sacrifice of wholeness - and this is a hate agenda that most all humanity 'conspires to uphold' believing it saves them from total sacrifice. However, this is very deeply hidden from exposure beneath many and complex defences that protect the sense of power or control over life from exposure - and the re-experiencing of the powerlessness, terror, rage, shame or self-conflicted hatred that called the 'power' forth by the desire to assert a unity upon perceived chaos. We have all invested heavily in the mask and perhaps are so identified in it that we do not even recognize it is a mask - indeed a story proceeding from a sense of threat within our own consciousness that reflects  - and then seems to be caused by its reflected experience. Indeed the attempt to 'survive' or persist the separate sense of personal will-assertion WANTS the external 'cause' as a displacement for its own undercover activity.

In reversing the reversal of consciousness, one has to start with exactly where we are at - and so one has to use the world experience for a different purpose than that of asserting a fear-agenda - if only in willingness to pause and uncover or be found ina greater and more aligned perspective by which to be able to accept and function in our living which is now within a larger context than an isolation seeking power, or an illegitimacy seeking validity. Until this perspective awakens responsibility of and as consciousness, the situation will be painted in a drama of personae in which one plays the central character - with allies and adversaries - but never direct and real intimacy of being - for that always undermines the capacity to WANT such an identity/world.

The globalist consolidation of power-in-the-world is operating a war upon or denial of true Consciousness - by usurping it with a false but forcefully backed intensity of scripted narrative 'reality'. Despite attempts to exist or operate within the identity afforded by power-in-the-world, its price or cost is increasingly becoming obvious as total. The residual desire to embrace and  share life NEEDS its survival chakra to open by truly opening to feel and vibrationally accept that it is feeling rather than demonize and deny aspects of self that are unrecognized as aspects of self. Only the willingness of true acceptance can undo the charge of rejection and denial that polarizes the self-negative into forms of spiritual or mental elitism over the discarded and diminished aspects of feeling, sensing and true balance of a wholeness of being.

The breaking down of presumed reality is unfolding now at an accelerating rate - which persona will see as being overwhelmed by adversity and adversary - which IS re-enacting its original imprinting. This is the point where we either go deeper into denial of what we are choosing to participate in - or stir in a willingness that no longer consents to hide or be kept hidden from its 'negative' feelings  and all that these represent - nor from an intimate and directly tangible presence of joy - unalloyed by manufactured personal filters and distortions of 'self' justification.

The resort to the control mind is always to the 'database' of past experience, by which to re-assert the self-same posture of refusal to intimacy of genuine communication - that includes the backlog of unhealed fear, guilt and rage but does not conclude there.
The opening or yielding in curiosity and willingness to a greater perspective within connected presence has to listen, feel and discern both within itself and within its perceived communication - and this is not within the capability of 'control mind'.

So freaking out in one way or degree or another and resorting to all kinds of mental strategies is simply part of the territory of the class we are in - or you would not be reading this far!
It is a completely different foundation to live FROM, that is being called forth and cannot be made into a movement because it already IS the movement of our true desire.
It will seem paradoxical to thought but we can only accept healing for ourself, but that our world and our fellow humanity reflect and reveal and call forth that in ourselves which otherwise we could not  access - and without which we 'know not what we do'.

So yes there are political and social relationships to engage in honourably as we are truly moved rather than guilted or manipulated to assert and contest, but these are always in the context of who we  - who I  - truly feel and know myself to be. Why use the word 'truly' here? - because the false is so habitually and pervasively imprinted to subconscious and unconscious habits or conditionings. It is also easily triggered by unexpected or manipulated events or intent.

So use what seems to be to serve the uncovering of what is - as a felt recognition. Or clingon as an identity of a disconnecting mentality that actively avoids relationship by mimicking its forms unfeeling and mimicking feeling with fake emotionality.
Is that a choice? I feel it is a choice - but in its obvious nature there is no choice but embracing Life. Denial is not so much a free will choice as an idea of denying free will given great force of desire and identity. Well it worked, didn't it!
If you have your answer but forgot the question, you will not recognize your fulfilment. However true fulfilment Knows itself Fulfilled - so there is the natural call to recognize what we are asking for that brings such dissonance to our focus of experience.

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