Friday, 5 February 2016

Selling totalitarianism

One among many articles on the EU masquerade being played out to ensure there will not be a Brexit?

While the Conservative party is associated with big business, it is also associated with sovereignty - if biased heavily towards the owners and executives of such business. But the shifting of power to a globalist corporate transnational power elite operating through a technocratic unrepresentative and unaccountable form of collectivism is big business without conserving anything excepting power for an increasingly few.

The EU is not a federation of indvidualities finding areas of common wealth but a subordination of true individual liberty to shadow power's dictate - as is exemplified by such 'trade' deals being pushed through without due process that would legally shift power from national governance to corporate entities and offshore courts.

That such a form of governance could even be countenanced is due to very clever insinuations of fear-thinking along with instruments of obfuscation that only financial marketeers can match. There may be an opportunity for a true accounting to be made if we pull out of the EU - from which a clearer sense of who we are and what we desire in life might regenerate a true culture of inspiration and purpose in place of the dictate of corporately managed alienation from our true being in a false dependency on increasing control over every aspect of our lives.

Yes to constructive relationship with others and to establishing trust and mutual benefit. No to coercion and deceit masquerading as official narratives of a ruling elite.

I see the primary human failing as that of seeing the form without discerning the intent. The form of global or European unity is not the issue for me. It is the underlying intent that is masked beneath such structures that is NOT aligned with or supportive of truly human consciousness or culture. Rather it embodies  a monocultural state by which populations are farmed and managed by a Soul-less technocracy behind which are power-elites who use the law as a weapon and shield against Life Happening. Life is not the danger. Power elitism is the danger. Merely subordinating power in massive state consolidation - whilst revolving doors subvert regulatory protection to create cartels - is not security - but the utter suppression of the symptoms of Life to conformity of a tyrannous will - no matter how it presents itself.

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