Friday, 5 February 2016

Alien Overlordship

Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Not The Only Ones!
An article on the once not un-common practice of elongating the skull  - that still has echoes in tall hats - led to my response:

I feel a sense of emulating an 'alien' overlordship - that was the seeder of overlordship or civilised culture around the world - which is by no means an unadulterated blessing - but it is part of our inherited conditioning and world construct. I also have a sense of decreasing the frontal lobe capacity which would enable a much less inhibited overriding of moral directives of an empathic or heart-relational connection. This makes for ferocious and terrorizing agents of power as long as they are trained to obey their masters. The imprint of such rage and terror is so set in our primary conditioning that it no longer needs hardware manipulation to achieve. The hierarchy of power operates in much more complex disguise now - so as to affect normal respectability over what are in effect psychopathic traits.
The assertion and imposition of power uses any and every means, and the forms associated with such means may be mimicked long after their original context has shifted or moved on. The 'civilising' is always some kind of world order and reality narrative stamped in self-righteousness that derives its power from what it hates and denies in itself. Limiting consciousness is part of shaping what is left to operate power in defiance and usurpation of Life Itself. This is self-defeating because victory is death - and indeed the allegiance to such a limiting anti-life sense of self is a kind of living death; the original meaning of 'the wages of sin is death' - not will be or even shall be. There is every likelihood that the 'aliens' manipulated DNA to generate slave or servant races - in which sense we are related and they are part of us. Epigenetic understandings open the door from a sense of ultimate hardware predestination - for genes are switched on or off according to a range of environmental factors that are themselves significantly defined by consciousness interpretations. So within the nature of Consciousness is the potentiality of Self-transcendence that re-integrates and re-aligns to original or direct Nature of Being. Not as a splitting off into overlordship - but as the vibrancy of enlivening presence in which all parts of the whole are recognized within wholeness. Even those parts that "know not what they do".
I have shared something of what I feel in relation to the information in the article. Not to assert or persuade anyone or in desire for validation, but as a willingness of wholeness of being - for effectively humanity has and is distorting itself into overlorded heads that are fed in a matrix of fake emotional distraction and gate-keeper demons. If you want to get ahead, you become backward. But if you head for where the heart already knows, you're already shifting to a recognition of shared worth. Not in time, but in willingness.
Pesticides and other bio-shocks are resulting in microcephaly - which is being passed off and promoted as the result of zika virus as part of increasing and maintaining control via the back door of denied fear-reaction. The denial, distortion and sacrifice of New Life persists, in our current timing. The awakening is not a personal achievement or capacity - but of a relation wholeness expressing individuality. The call to fear is growing pervasively louder and could be said to be claiming its own. But what you choose to use it for is up to you. Regardless of where or what I have been, willingness for the embrace of Life remains the spark of my existence, and I do not have to overlord Life to live.

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