Sunday, 31 January 2016

A student at heart

 Clive James: ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a student at heart’

Students seem to be convinced that if they talk long enough, they can save the world for justice. I was one of them once, and perhaps I was nicer then

Student = willingness to listen and learn.
Ex- student = presumption of already knowing = no real call for communication or relationship.
Teacher = demonstration of faith in students as active engagement in supporting and facilitating a positive learning outcome.
Learning failure = negative agenda reinforcing negative outcome = joyless, painful, dispiriting, sacrificial, life denying.
Cynicism = dedication to joyless, dispiriting, life denying call to adapt and align with attacking, subverting and undermining any direct inspiration, so as to mask in the form of life while actively pretending to power over it and 'proving' one's case by asserting denials to 'control the narrative'.
Scepticism = willingness to consider that what appears true or is asserted true may truly be a result of errors or deceits of thought and intention.
Gullibility = masked cynicism that gives power to external appearances or assertions as if to avoid responsibility for one's own choices and hold blame in reserve for others the instant they no longer 'lead' where your own asserted identity demands.
Faith = extension of inner congruity of being as a true willingness and intimacy of relational communication.
Discernment = recognizing deceit at its root and abiding free of its baiting conceits.
Humanity = the embodiment of an integrated congruency of purpose.
Insanity = conflicted self warring purpose = split mind = false sense of self = addiction to power-seeking.

candeesays (of the main article): Folks, this is art. Not news journalism.

Well its part of the dark arts of deceit - for it slurs and invalidates by insinuation. The whole MSMedia is so magnetized to such coercive agenda that journalism has to avoid any actual power related issue or whore itself to the power it in effect, worships by not challenging or bringing to account or bearing true witness to.
So one can bring true witness to deceitful agenda and be part of spreading good news - because true witness is never attack on the personal integrity so much as a call for such integrity in place of a false persona.

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