Sunday, 31 January 2016

Depression Compression

Overcome depression using your mind

The language of 'overcoming using the mind' can be unhelpful because the mind's 'overcoming' of the feeling being that is actually a kind of self-denial masquerading as a presentation of control - is a fundamental root of the sense of being denied, cut-off, enraged but squelched, conflicted but stuck. The mind that can help is not the mind of denial that 'feels validated in presenting control' but the opening of the mind to a perspective of true consciousness that is of a wholeness of being rather than a divisive attempt to get or get away from something.

Self-honesty is key. If one doesn't align in self-honesty one is choosing to lock away parts of the self from conscious awareness and responsibility - which can be feared as blame or embraced as freedom of choice.

There are many perspectives - as many as people as ways to uniquely experience - and what works for you is what serves your active purpose. Killing oneself on any level is an act of assumed or desired power and thoughts of power arise from a split mind of victimiser and victim. The mind can deceive and be deceived. It is not the voice of a wholeness or relational discernment of being. Allegiance to a false sense of self can ONLY be depressing whatever distortions are inflated and asserted to offset with promise of power or self-specialness.

The role of our definitions is generally overlooked or trivialized - as if they are added on afterwards as 'justifiction'. But how we define ourself over and against anything is THE act by which that experience is generated. However, the experience becomes the conditioning 'reality' as if one is victim or subject to it - as part of the outcome of believing in our own judegments.
Believing/experiencing our own judgement is the way of experiencing Life in terms of rejection.

Opening to hateful or 'negative' feelings in a way that doesn't merely self-harm or attack others (passively or aggressively) - is necessary territory to any true healing into presence or wholeness of being. One cannot transform or transmute what one is unwilling to own because of attempting to deny, disown or eradicate it.

The separating from the identity-in-separation involves all the same crap as any addiction-release. However the crap cannot be released truly by using Spirit or spirit/mind polarity to split off from it. True spiritually transcends by active embrace. How does one embrace self-hatred? Perhaps by acknowledging and owning the feeling and then finding an essentially safe way to open some relationship with the movement of that feeling rather than lock up in thinking about - or trying not to think about - the triggered circumstance or recalled and anticipated conditions that equate to something that might wordlessly SHOUT 'I hate myself and want to die!' - with great intensity. Amidst such may be felt "I WANT IT THUS!" as the movement of one's core identity. Feeling what we feel in a vibratory energetic movement (and perhaps embodying it in ways that give it acceptance for being but limit access to harming self or other) IS the transformation because who you are IS the capacity to discern or recognize the true of you - often as a result of encountering what is NOT speaking for or representative of who you (presencely) feel and know yourself to be.

Normalising depression does not make it our true nature. If Life is being denied its freedom of being - then one's own participation at all levels of our consciousness cannot be escaped by demanding Parents to make everything align with asserted demands that inherently override or refuse relational honesty.
On the other hand a relational honesty extending is the call for true response. So there is no honesty in dumping 'problems' on those who are the messengers of a deeper shared breakdown of communication - and thus of the Call to correct it in a truly shared sense of worth.
If we reject and devalue our own experience - we will certainly and automatically reject and devalue others.
If the canary stops singing - then there is a call to attend to what the conditions are that disallow the songbird's breath. This communication has to find willingness for what is beneath the surface political assertions of wilfulness and open the feelings that are thus denied in ways that recognize common ground.
Being grounded feels like limitation to reckless 'freedom' but is Sanity to the integrative joy of being in which flying free can be found without riding roughshod over others.

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