Friday, 5 February 2016

Death Cult, Cancer and Freedom

In conversation at The Daily Bell - where libertarian thinking opens more perspective than mainstream narratives I found myself writing: (for full conversational context take the link)

Indeed there is no need to be the same form of expression to share in purpose and love of freedom must be love of truth. "Wherever you go - there you are" is a saying that works for both directions; for if we seek to assert, maintain and protect a refusal to embrace and reintegrate self-denials, they will re-manifest in whatever new place or relationship. Serial plunder may be presented as progress in persona - but such reflected denials grow ever more impinging, oppressive and limiting to any remaining capacity to feel life. It is simply a kind of suicide.
However, in the willingness and freedom to feel, accept and integrate one's current experience of existence, all of what is present grows recognizable as part of you - including those parts that you no longer care to energize, animate or be 'baited by'.

I've opened to a lot of information about cancer recently - (and the cancer racket) - across a range of functional and advanced or native perspectives and see that beneath the allopathic model of rogue cells (seen as violators, or attackers), a simpler pattern of opening exposure to toxins or stress, blocking or depriving of nutrients, undermining and subversion of immune response, usurping energy supply, manifesting tumour or symptoms of dis-ease, meeting
misunderstanding of its containment within tumour, spreading through the bloodstream as a result of breaking in or attacking the tumour, injecting broad spectrum highly toxic carcinogens to kill it - along with living cells throughout the body and brain; radiation exposures that are carcinogenic, dead tumour cells that are also toxic, diet that is often cancer feeding, and a contextual framework of managing sickness so as to extend survival by a bit more - within pronouncement of death by voodoo, while being sucked into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Fear - and guilt - of a self-hating or self-rejecting sense of self - is part of the human condition-ing - and it operates like a cancer that sucks out our life to feed a death cult - in which life is replaced by survival-conformity to fear-dictates and guilt undermines any movement of the power of wholeness to know itself truly in act.

I see governance as holding the balance points within a diversity and richness of life-expression and which calls for the lightest touch - because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - the chaotic sense of which calls forth the suppression of Life and Consciousness to the imposition of control-mentality. That is not governance, but denial masking as power.

Being open to Feel for the movement that is of the wholeness rather than persisting a war of parts that denies the whole - is within Consciousness rather than within the conditioned perceptions of reaction. Whilst Everyone must be rooted in Consciousness to have any awareness of anything whatsoever, the choice or focus of intention and attention is unconscious while it persists in attempting to 'solve' its inner conflicts 'out there'. So much so that it has no sense of inner conflict whatsoever - being fully invested in attacking the world it feels deprived by as its assertion of freedom. Effectively proving one is free to deny freedom for as long as one can mask the pain of isolating futility in blame of self-righteousness.

The control-mentality is the pervasive 'religion' that seems fully self-evident and justified, but has hidden foundations in hate that turn out to be false - IF one looks on them without judgement. Why so? Because judgement is the 'divide and reject' by which a partiality seeks to rule OVER the rejected. Perhaps judgement is also our 'first born son' because it is associated with an emergent separate sense of consciousness.

The miracle is that a movement of wholeness will spontaneously manifest a perspective that shifts or transforms a hateful, fearful or blamefully perceived grievance or conflict to a practical freedom of being - of felt presence that naturally extends without coercive intent.

Where we choose to give our focus of energy and attention is NOT up to advertisers, elites or our past-conditioning that they target and leverage. We may have to persist in holding self-worth amidst such reaction until enough awareness is Free to wake up as. Responsibility is painted as sacrifice by the death cult - because it defines freedom as opposition to and from the death or denial of, wholeness. But the ability to respond is not a dictate of a coercive 'god' but the freedom to be and know and share the true of you. Anything else is false currency.

Elitism is self-specialness. A false god. We are each already a unique expression of Life and while I try to make anyone else fit my (often unconscious) demands or perceptions, I am denying myself no less.

I also see that everyone plays a role in my 'drama' - yet I am the casting manager and all characters in a dream must ultimately resolve to the dreamer.

"Communication breakdown" - rather than an actual disconnection. Life isn't absent while we suffer our own beliefs.

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