Sunday, 19 July 2015

Love's movement subverted by coercive and fearful agenda

I write this because I value MediaLens and what it embodies. It arose from an entry on their Facebook™ page about climate change 'denial' that I felt to respond to.

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The end of civilisation as we know it is occurring in front of our eyes across the whole range of human affairs and is synchronous with significant Earth Changes, but for many the dominant narratives operate to protect from such disturbance and the transforming effect such self-honesty automatically operates. The projection of guilt into external scenarios, scapegoats and red herrings, is the device to keep most of the disturbance outside and away from one's direct awareness and facilitate a self-righteous focus of fixated identity and activity that persist such a psychological defence.

Such device can be seen as something manipulators do to infiltrate, subvert and weaponise a movement of love of Life, of the Earth and its Natural diversity of beauty, wonder and healing resource. But manipulators need suckers whose fear makes wishes seem true whilst carrying Trojan agenda. And so the self-righteous act out the design of a manipulator who sacrifices a part of the old in order to own and control the new - but it is not new - it is business as usual - or even austerities, deprivations and limitations imposed by law with no redress or voice or process of communication and relationship. How dangerous is hate and fear when sold 'salvation' in terms that lock it in to a 'civilisation' founded upon hate and fear.

Well I will say that the end of hate and fear as meaningful or legitimate tools of leverage is the FOUNDATION of Civilisation. Anything else is a house divided against itself - projecting its split onto the 'world' that is does not then even truly SEE, because only the intimacy and innocence of love's presence and love's willingness can allow the recognition of Life in each other, our World and our self included.

Change IS afoot - and those who want to embrace its invitation for a true renewal will recognize coercion and abandon it in their allegiances to any FORM of communication couched in such terms and most of all, in their own thinking. Polarized identity is a symptom of unowned fear and guilt - along with the negative fruits of such - which are not ONLY in the hated, invalidated, scapegoated and excommunicated 'other'. Beneath the divisive device is a more personal set of beliefs that are for many - a no-go area.

Our persona and its mind have developed to 'protect' our conscious awareness FROM such intolerable sense of conflict and powerlessness, inadequacy and invalidity. But I say that THAT is the core issue to be addressed by a willingness to own and accept and be curious about and challenge and invite and allow fresh perspectives in as a result of NOT hiding or denying that we have such core self definitions and that they in a sense rule what we call civilisation from the shadows - where manipulative intent works unseen and unchallenged. The issue must be expressed in terms OF true relationship and communication OR it is an agenda to undermine and block the very nature of our Humanity - regardless of the form it takes or the 'authorities' that is hides behind.

One does not have to KNOW in such a way as to then impose upon others but if one chooses to believe - as a result of ANY process of consideration, then one acts in congruence with one's belief, founded in a current sense of who you feel and know yourself to be. In the shift of perspective that comes from acting with conviction, passion and presence - new perspectives open in which one may or may not revise or replace the previous belief - without invalidating its usefulness to your unfolding integration and expanding clarity. Humanity is not generally awake to the core beliefs it operates FROM.

Crisis is a device by which to face fear and recognize opportunity. Manufactured or usurped crisis is the attempt to use the fear as power - as in false flag attacks, destructo 'capitalism' as the breaking open and plundering of relational and organic systems to strip assets and discard or enslave the forms life to a 'NWO' (sic), or the sheer audacity and chutzpa of asserted lie as in certain 'political' (sic) and corporate 'relationships' that are everywhere 'communicated' by an owned or cowed media.

The triggers we are manipulated by is each our own responsibility to uncover and reclaim to truly conscious discernment. And that responsibility is core to being free of deceit, open to receive, and discerning in willingness to embrace what resonates relevant and true - and live from it. THEN see what happens.

The WANTING to hate evil is also hating to love. See if it isn't so! Deceit is deep in our consciousness and the belief one is free of it is itself deceit unless you are willingly free of the need or compulsion to see it in others.

"It is easy to react to what one has already judged - AS IF meeting something outside yourself".

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