Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Orthodox Quackery and the Throwing of Stones

I missed the comments window for this opinion piece in the Guardian online:

Don’t call believers in homeopathy idiots – it will push them further from science

Perhaps this is a rant with an agenda - but I state my desire is to honour and protect choice against the kind of deceits that would assert a pseudo scientific 'consensual reality' by law upon populations - actively regulating in favour of exclusive and coercive cartels of power and wealth extraction or asset stripping from the Living Body of Humankind.

Surely the belief that the cartel of corporate pharmaceutical and so called 'food' conglomerates are actually involved in health and healing or training doctors or the Good of Humanity is a bit too far fetched now for anyone to swallow it - unless of course the they've already swallowed the baiting of fear along with all the toxic and health undermining drugs, chems and exposures that then enable it to manifest in a slow motion suicide - for yes - until one is forcibly injected or administered or subjected - there are health CHOICES. And even so, there is a choice of Spirit or Purpose by which to shake off, and work against the usurping and undermining of true health.

'Vatican style' control mentality is alive and well in a vocal agenda hiding behind a mask of scientific militancy - who are only given encouragement because the particular targets are becoming themselves significant $$$ interests - as a result of choices made despite all the propaganda of an old paradigm. The health scam is as much the fear that gives power away as the fear that seeks to take it away.

Iatrogenic disease is a scientific name for sickness CAUSED by medical interventions and no statistics or protocols are in place to ascertain the true account - but is likely the third most likely cause of death in the US - and likely similar in other 'developed' countries. The Pharma farms a sickness but is fronted by reputable institutions, a cowed media and a false scientism that the lower ranks do not or dare not question or challenge. No the valiant defenders of the faith go after 'Homoeopathy'. Oh brave and dedicated champions of truth! Let power and wealth set off a meme and the mob take it up and enact it for free.

I recommend people tune in to an inner honesty from which to discern the nature of their condition, what their own part in it may be, as well as what it may be serving them or message it may be bringing them, and follow such discernment as to who and where and what they then meet in the willingness to health. If you want to have your sickness managed with things that make you sicker then that too is a choice. And regardless of all science pretends to know or represent, there are other ways or kinds of knowing and healing than patented drugs™, regulatory protections and cartels, and media propaganda.

Now are people idiots who give their power and trust to those who knowingly or unknowing do not know or care as to the causes and cures of sickness - excepting it is provides an ongoing revenue stream and an upholding of the model by which  a 'scientism' usurped a true scientific endeavour?
They may seem to be making idiotic choices as a result of the perspective of other choices by which they blinker themselves, from which in time, they will learn, one way of another - in this life or the next.

 I wish you all true health and happiness - even those who do not believe in happiness - but substitute it with the seeming power and status of getting more at someone else's expense and passing off as real.
As for associating My Corbyn or anyone else with perceived invalidation - the trick will start to backfire. A coercive agenda is neither science, nor communication, nor an honest integrity of relationship. It is hollow will directed by fear and fed with illusion. Just say 'No!'

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