Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Becoming the thing that one hates

British PM draws up new strategy on extremists


 Becoming the thing that one hates

It is said that one becomes what one hates. Self righteousness is blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life, and therefore to one's own true needs. Fear unfaced, and guilt and inner conflict unowned, operate unconsciously to propagate fear and conflict. The belief one can use fear to coerce others or manipulate outcomes to align a private agenda is a seduction to the illusion of power. An illusion that always opens to being thus manipulated oneself, and so made hollow and powerless to another's agenda.

These things can be known in the heart. The heart can be ignored. We all make choices. The choice to ignore the heart is the choice to be blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life and therefore one's own true needs. Such choice may seem justified by fear to have priority over all else. It operates as a reaction of conditioning and identity that becomes trapped in its own perspective - out of touch with, and blind to the needs of others and to the wholeness of life and therefore one's own true needs. It then defends itself against SIGHT - in the belief that anything that undermines its perceived struggle and goal IS the enemy.

The enemy is unfaced fear and unowned guilt and inner conflict. One cannot solve an inner problem externally - and attempt to do so will only protect the problem from healing by hiding it in the world. One does not get rid of hate with hate. One releases what is seen to be self-contradictory so as to restore a unified will. The attempt to unify self or nation over and against enemy or fear can never more than seem to momentarily work. The hunger for power over externally framed and un-owned inner issues, sacrifices life to the illusion of gaining or wielding such power.

This operates a false god. The recognition of unconflicted will, is the power to know your right relation within a wholeness of being. There is no coercion involved in being who you truly are. The coercive sense is born of conflicted fear. Facing fear in willingness to align with true, is not martyrdom, but humility that truly listens to others, to the discerning of wholeness in the situation and to the true movement of our heart's desire. When fear becomes normal currency, love may seem extreme and threatening. Therefore, in dealing with the fearful, honour the capacity of choosing without joining in negative choices - for the power to choose is the power to choose differently.

Demonzing choices gives them power of a negative charge. Of fear made real. Insanity and error or sickness of mind is not a weapon in war - but a condition calling for correction. Foolish, hurtful, and self-harming choices are to be seen as exactly so - and not personalized into a great evil upon which to re-structure human society. There are many such evils that are no less worthy of correction. Factions fixate on different facets and polarize each other in an extremism that denies the capacity to simply live a shared humanity, and would place terror on the altar of our desires in guise of righteous power and protection.

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