Thursday, 14 May 2015

Enemy without?

I commented beneath this Daily Bell editorial as much to the comment as to the article for I look at the ideas from which we operate rather than invest and identify on one idea against another.

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Standing our ground is to abide in our integrity of being regardless the circumstance.
Everything else is temporary.
It is right to question political organisation - for that buys into the outsourcing of integrity to ideas and others. Any shared endeavour depends entirely on the conscious integrity of its membership.
However the extension of integrity is the most fundamental act a human being can make and is the basis of 'our'.
The idea of 'enemy' tends to operate a device of division into blind or distorted reaction.
Disintegrity within our own mind is the 'enemy' - and the lack of integrity in others cannot be merely personalised and vilified and damned - and as a result somehow become our own integrity justified.
The enemy of liberty is that which defines freedom exclusively for itself at expense of others as a sort of self-specialness or exceptionalism - or indeed supremacy.
However one is free to limit or withhold oneself until one uses that freedom to choose differently - and experience of limitation, conflict and isolation all weigh towards re-evaluating one's choices. But not while the cause of one's woe is pointed exclusively at others.
The looking to also be aware of the mote in our own eye is not about self-guilt or self-invalidation but of true foundation.
The loss of awareness of true foundation is the dis-integrity or disintegration from which all else automatically unfolds in like kind.
Individual has come to stand for self-asserted independence. Now Corporates shout their 'freedom' all over the Planet.
Individuality, like true sovereignty of will, is an expression or extension of a Source; an indivisibility of being. This cannot be found with a battlefield one refuses to transcend. A battle in which one is defined against 'others', rather than being identified within an integral brotherhood - no matter how insanely any of us are identifying at any given moment.
To see the lie as sin to be damned and stamped out is to become the hater through which the lie has just propagated itself.
But seeing the lie as an error to be corrected at the level of its choice and not its appearance of bait or persuasion is the releasing of the lie and of allegiance to the lie - which is much more pervasive than its symptoms would suggest. Hence the attempt to war on symptoms merely persists what it purports to manage or control.
Giving 'enemy' to others is a choice. We all get to experience to consequence of choice and thus refine it to serve the ideas we hold most dear. I would open those ideas by which everyone then acts forth as they do, to awareness. Hatred disallows such freedom.
Though of course I understand it arises within the dissonance of disintegrity because it is intolerable and the desire is for the pain to go away. I find this to be either where one yields the mind to align more truly, or invoke and fortify the mind to deny and split off from and project the hatred away. But if one notices oneself in act, one can no longer believe it true. And this awareness has now come into had before operated a closed system of a kind of tyranny of which one wasn't previously aware.

I received an appreciation from the DB:
Excellent, excellent post, binra. Thank you for this significant food for thought and personal introspection.
I replied:

Thankyou for joining in a willingness to pause and consider. (The parsing of thought-forms can occur algorithmically without any actual relationship - not unlike computers reacting to each 'other' in 'market trading').

I like to turn that phrase around. To invite or discern 'Thought for Food' in all circumstances - that is - to become responsible for my diet when it comes to thoughts explicitly or implicitly communicated to my awareness. It doesn't matter what thoughts come in so much as what I validate by reaction. That is an area of choice many are unaware of.
If I suck into thought that actually is out of true with who in all honesty I hold myself to be, then I invite conflict and distortions or limitations into my mind - (whilst likely blaming someone or something else). It is an ongoing education - often an unlearning of what I had thought or needed to believe was true.
So while of course we have to operate various structures of organisation as a society, I feel these will  inevitable embody and reflect the accepted thought of the times. What may be less apparent is that the human conditioning operates on many levels and guises such that what we present or think we believe is out of true with what we actually believe but have in a sense designated to 'unconscious'.
The illusionist distracts attention to hide what is going on. The mind is distracted to look only 'outside' by a kind of illusionist within that is also tapped into by manipulators without. For the attempt to hide our fear or our sense of inadequacy or unworthiness is NOT undoing or healing it. Rather it gives it power to operate in the shadows. And it is these apparently weak points of self-doubt or self-rejection and division, that manipulators target. But they are only weak while we are unaware that we hold them. An honesty to our fear allows us to be in relation to it and to move through it or past its dictates. A willingness to look within and without concurrently brings back the focus of a true mindfulness. It is our natural presence. The dictate to NOT look within operates the self-protective program of hiding what we were in the past, unwilling or unable to face or to tolerate.
I might suggest that the 'unconscious' that was supposed to have been put out of mind, is rising all about us as our experience of the world.
It is not easy to communicate THAT there is a coercive element in our inherited consciousness make up to the persona of belief that survival and freedom lie in KEEPING it hidden. Hence the often insane lengths that people go to against all reason in defending a personal agenda to which they have no perspective on or relationship to - because it is 'running them' as 'reality'. Those who 'know not what they do' may believe they know exactly what they are doing - but it is all within the re-enactment of their separation programming - ie: the attempt to overcome, deny or coerce that which their separation script is projected upon. But NO amount of coercing symptoms actually deals with the cause - which simply re-manifests in what is generally a subtler level of symptoms. Thus we become victim to our own complexity of 'defence' until the 'structure' breaks down and a greater perspective comes through.
The hidden personal agenda lies within the forms of accepted 'righteousness'. What else can a mask be made from BUT the forms that pass muster? But who remembers who they are, free of mask - when there are levels of masking each defending the others - to which one is automatically triggered or baited into with hardly a moment's peace in which to notice?
If we look upon our script and recognize it is a script of our own making - albeit with others, then we have opportunity to release that which no longer serves and let a truly fresh appreciation inspire us. People try to teach this as a form of coercive personal accomplishment - perhaps because that is the only framework that many see as holding value. But is there anything so dangerous as good ideas applied by the 'well intentioned'?

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