Thursday, 14 May 2015

War-mind and the mask of decency

I wrote this to a perusal of the comments on an article about Monsanto and glyphosate as much as to anything about corporate and media deceit.
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Our beliefs may be presented as part of our persona - to ourself and to others - but what we actually believe is operating beneath this virtual layer.

The war-mind is a deep set of cultural conditionings that operate as a false foundation for living. Everything that issues from it is some kind of war on Life but dressed in the name or form of power and protection. Such is the complexity of the deceit in which war-mind hides that anything can be not at all what it presents or is accepted to be.

The false flag mentality is one of coercively manipulating an outcome through deceit and to a war-mind 'truth' is whatever power asserts and imprints it to be. But a war-mind is essentially at war with itself as a way of persisting or surviving as an assertive will.

One of the ways we are baited into war-mind is when we perceive evil in the 'other' and feel justified by attacking it - as if its eradication is necessary and our life validated thereby. We become the enemy that we hate.

War-mind says you cannot afford to let yourself into your Peace, but only from a fresh and present foundation can one creatively engage rather than operate a conditioned reaction. Deceit is a consciousness level device that hides in personal reaction - and those who seek power through it practice how to trigger reaction in others to unsettle them and manipulate outcomes.

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