Thursday, 14 May 2015

Has the Human Race Become Demonic?

'News' articles operate as clickbait - for they want attention.
This one showed up with the title

Has the Human Race Become Demonic?

I couldn't get my comment to the page but here it is:

Fear multiplies fear. Love extends and recognizes itself. Because fear says it can protect you, it is confused with self and thus fears love and loves to hate. Love can look on fear and know what lies beneath the forms of deception - and correct it.

I am not dismissing that you and many are disturbed - but the dissonance of being can be used to reinforce a fearful or 'demonic' deception or as a wake up call to the desire and can I say prayerful need, for a true foundation from which to discern rather than be baited in conditioned reaction.

Much that was hidden is coming to the surface - not only the negative. We are beings of choice. Jesus was not misquoted when he said 'resist ye not evil' but few are willing to understand what he meant and why.

Don't be framed or defined it ITS terms under illusion of righteousness or seductions of 'protection' or 'power'. Wake to vigilance forwhat is NOT fearful, divisive, and dishonouring of the truth of being alive.

The attempt to hide the sin we fear within MUST seek to demonize others by projecting it out onto objects of hate. This is a very hard lesson because fear becomes 'demonic' by fearing it.

We each make our choices and are part of each other's choices because we remind each other that there is choice by witnessing for it. But no one can make another choose. Not how life works and so what doesn't work is being SEEN not to work so to allow it to fall away from our OWN knowing of who we are and choose to be from that. If coercive = insanity and hell, then drop it from your mind every time you notice it working through you. This will change the mind-lens one is looking through and that will support more housekeeping.

Truths that feed despair are not truly useful if all they do is disable and undermine and thus open up one's treasure even further to robbers and rot.

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