Thursday, 14 May 2015

Awakening Consciousness

A further conversation from the Ars Technica article on homoeopathy that felt to me to be propaganda for a personal agenda:

Another commenter responds to my conversations:
Materialism is a disease for which the only cure is a crisis, where it is clear that materialism is not working, and one has to try stepping out of that box.  We are seeing that in medicine and society as a whole. Materialism is not "wrong"; its just incomplete.

Actually a good homeopathic proving can cure materialism too! ;)

I reply:

I'm with you in re-evaluating and abandoning what does not work - and indeed cant work. But I don't write to play the blame game. Clearly material existence is a consciousness of. If only material exists = no consciousness. It is possible to argue that one does not in fact, exist. But is it possible to consider this without laughing? Of course we may not exist as we think and believe ourselves to, but awareness is its own incontrovertible proof and any process of thinking or perceiving can only support that proof - even if apparently setting up a system of thought by which consciousness is 'explained' in terms of energetic relations of material processes.

Regardless the terminology or symbols employed, Consciousness is the root expression of awareness. Call it Father/Son or Non Local and Local - or don't call it anything - but Consciousness is always by nature extended in Idea that reflects as experience. It does not seem that way when exclusively focused in the effect through a conditioned mind, but to have an experience of anything requires some act of self-definition relative to that thing. That is to say What Is - Is - regardless of anything that may be said about it. But to say anything about it is to experience it through that idea. That I am is simply evident. But what it is that I am, will be experienced by what I extend and receive. This is not the level of the personality - but the expression of Consciousness.

The box of and exclusively materially identified Consciousness is a negative loop in the conditioning of one's own experience, absent the recognition of the beliefs that result in the experience. To recognize false or dis-serving beliefs and thoughts as the cause of conflicted or dissonant experience is not an appeal to magic to make them go away - nor to try to escape them by focussing intensely in complex problems of a secondary or even illusory nature.
It is simply honesty of observation, welcomed, appreciated and integrated.

Homoeopathy is one of many permission slips by which healing can be accepted.The placebo effect is simply Consciousness and applies to every modality no less. What you actually believe in is a powerful context for anything you undertake - and merely asserting or wishing or trying does in no way change what is actually operating.

Consciousness is far far - I might say infinitely greater, than anything the personality level can conceive or imagine, but we cannot conceive or imagine anything without it - although the personal sense tends to 'take the credit' and presumes ownership and control, supported by the most limited and gross aspects of the body/matter that take on an entirely different purpose within the idea of private consciousness.

Privacy is evaporating in our world experience. And that is reflecting an inner shift. It is not possible to maintain the idea of a split off consciousness without incurring a burden of dissonance - however one interprets that, but it is possible to be aligned with who and what we truly are and that is associated with health, with joy, with unconflicted being, with kindness and compassion - and yet all of these and other like qualities are not added, but are integral to the recognition of one's own existence rather than entanglement in thinking about it and giving focus there instead of embracing that which moves and extends through you that you do not manufacture; creative spontaneity, play, joy, passion and excitement. You are your own proof - when true to your self; to the Consciousness that is all that is right where you story yourself to be. But it isn't a means of gaining control or validity or status. More a recognition that everything is unfolding in a way that includes you and includes what you need to know as you need to know it. This is not hard to glimpse in the Arts - or even in inspired intellectual pursuit. It is the flow of being that would harmonize the instrument to more conductivity - but the personality tends to operate the idea of using the flow as a personal muse or indeed a slave to personal will.
Resonance is the communication of meta-information. All communication operates resonant vibrational qualities of energetic information. Words in and of themselves are not communicating anything. Consciousness is the medium of communication and we are always operating far far more than the waveband we associate with 'waking consciousness'. And if and as there is curiosity, willingness and desire, the 'More' of what we are is restored to our awareness - and this is the journey of a lifetime. No one is here to merely survive, though that urge is is deeply in the template or there would be no continuity of the personality construct as the vehicle of such experience.
Writing this is an example that Consciousness is not 'something else that our life - and yet it embraces what we take to be our life whether we recognize this or not.
I feel it is time to pause the war-mind of materialism and regain our innate curiosity, wonder and appreciation of life, whether that expresses itself in scientific discipline or the Arts, or in unique ways that may seem oddball to others - because a diversity of unique and intercommunicating life is the nature of creative endeavour - NOT a centrally controlled monoculture. Science is not threatened by anything insofar as it is a willingness to uncover the already truth. When its adherents or institutions attack other perspectives than its current model allows it is operating a belief-investment of the same order it decries and derides in such others. Resonance reflects.

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