Friday, 15 May 2015

Reframing Religion and Spirituality

An article:
Reframing Religion and Spirituality
at the Daily Bell

I felt to address the mind's framing of the nature of being as the world we experience:
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Everything true has already been re-framed - hence the separation and division of a war-mind - starkly or subtly operating.
Noticing the false framing within our mind, allows one to choose not to use it - and that invites and allows Spirit to illuminate what we took to be some other kind of matter.

The mind can be like a fig-leaf by which to hide from an exposure or vulnerability that has no basis in fact but that fear believes it so and thus fear makes it so.
Hiding fear gives it power in the dark or unconscious mind.

The 'end-times' are exposing the fear associated with the core beliefs of the human conditioning. Fear says there are no choice but as it frames choices. But one can choose not to listen or act from such a frame and thus awaken perspective upon it.

Perhaps its easier to say it is all about identity. When we forget our Source-Nature we lose awareness of That which identifies us perfectly and amidst the sense of limitation, loss and conflict that then ensues, seek to regain and assert our own identity from the presumption of separation. And no matter how idealistic we may attempt to be we are not rested or at one with the truth of what we are.

Presence pervades, embraces and transcends the form - but the would-be thief takes the form as if to have it specially for themselves. This worships form while denying Spirit. Yet even this becomes a gift to the willingness to love truth because it reflects that which is untrue of you as a way of releasing what was otherwise hidden and protected from change.

No one can really change another but that other chooses or accepts for themself. But no one can accept a healing transformation and still walk in the world that the fear dictated. Our vibrational state attunes our perspective.

Everything is religion - in the sense of attempting to fulfil or complete or unify some sense of self - but the true relationship is lost by searching from a conviction one is alone and apart and lacking.

Wholeness is our gift to the world; to our relationships - and is not the world's function to provide. But in a direct relating is the world framed as the flowing Now. And this is not a sense of self-lack but a cup that runneth over.

Of course the 'demons guard the treasure' - so only true love can pass through. And as one is willing to accept love - does it extend through us for such is its nature. Then see what you shall see.

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