Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Death and Taxes

A lie is a form of death to a whole or undivided awareness. As if a personal investment has spun itself separate of it true context and then spins a redefinition of its context to support the lie. Taxes are the overhead of maintaining a lie. Lies grew in the mind of Human a very long time ago such as to adulterate a true currency of Thought. However a lie feeds upon truth even whist denying it for there to be ANY true capacity to believe it or want to believe it. The parasitic mind of the lie interjects between a wholeness of relational being - between the need and the provider of need as the 'moneylender in the template' - and does so within the fear of fear or the wish to hide fear and escape magically by clever thinking. Devotion to the lie as if it is the truth of order against chaos, or power against powerlessness, relegates it as the lesser evil and therefore accepted conditioning from which one acts oblivious because it is not questioned or challenged - and to do so will merit rejection and exclusion from fellow devotees, as a lie must seek external alliances of reinforcement - positively or negatively, in attempt to validate itself.

I write at the level of consciousness. The world reflects back the ideas, beliefs and definitions that fruit in the various scenarios that unfold. The idea of coercing the world is the idea of coercing Life. Such gives rise to materialism of a sense of disconnection from the higher more inclusive levels of consciousness, and the will to power and its resultant spiral of reaction. Its war on symptoms and refusal to address true cause - always projecting it away onto the world in a device of diversion and division.

If the problem is a false foundation (re sentence 2 above), the answer is simply the recognition and release of the false - for the true is already there to replace it. The mind believes this is nonsense or heresy because it is the belief that it is the guide and protector of the self and all else is enemy. And so everything sets up as a defence of the mind that has been given a function it cannot really perform of fulfil, and as coercive control engenders reaction, so does it ratchet up the perceived need for more control. It is an addiction to a sense of power outside oneself that one otherwise lacks, and we 'get our fixes' in a multitude of ways of multi-layered complexity. False needs set up a false economy. Until the economy relates more to what is destructive to or undermining of Life than to any actual abundance, and yet the principle of abundance is simply operating in the negative, as an abundance of lack, of debt, of problem, of fear.

"Go forth and multiply" can be interpreted materially as is generally accepted, but it is the fundamental nature of consciousness itself - for what we give focus and desire and value TO by accepting as true of us - DOES go forth and multiply.

In respect of polarized arguments that fail to achieve communication, I invite the consideration of a third party that profits from such distractive device. In the world there may appear to be those who work to manipulate from the shadows while diverting attention with bait that sets the attention elsewhere. This is the pattern in the template of human consciousness as generally conditioned, that I draw attention to. Even if one can deal with one or more of the symptoms, the cause remains.

The cause can be compared to a bot-net of compromised computers that are not aware of being reprogrammed to operate a foreign will. This also occurs in many parasites in nature who have the capacity to alter the thoughts and behaviours of their host to act in the parasite's interest and not of the host or its colony.

A fundamental truth is that an unwatched mind has left the door open to any kind of thinking and often may not be aware of being deceived until a prodigal wasteland really hits bottom. Deception is a choice we don't know we are making. When we become aware it is a choice or the result of a choice, we are free to choose differently. More in align with who we know, feel and believe ourselves to be. And this resonates a wholeness of being; a joy within, even amidst adverse circumstance.

Creative endeavour is a collaborative synchronicity inspired by passion and presence both. It embodies and reflects an inner wealth of the inspiration and imagination to a shared appreciation, and a growth of a wider culture of valuing the source of the movement of true desire.

The shift into a negative or fearful imagination and agenda is evidence of a breakdown of communication within our own consciousness and not a proof of an evil will to be hidden or denied and yet lurking in the shadow to come out when 'justified' as vengeance or simply hate.

Vigilance, or being mindful of the thought beneath perception, and a willingness for discernment of resonance with who we truly are detoxifies the mind and brings it back to its core functionality. For like a government it is a servant of a greater - shared will. Not a mob mind or a lobby of coercive intent - but as the dynamic balancing of interests within consciousness - as opposed to the rational constructs that seem like good ideas but have back door agenda unbeknown to their followers.

One is simply not going to talk to the false identity and expect it to listen. But within every living call is the instinct to move toward nutrient and away from toxin, but the mind of fig-leaf justifications for false self-definition, would make the nutrient more fearful than the devil we think we know. Thus are we more than capable of believing we are choosing for our good - or against our greater evil, when in fact fuelling and maintaining the very framework by which we are unknowingly deceived. Witness the love of hating and the hate of loving - such that 'kindness' and smiles are used to mask loveless intent, and 'truth' used as a weapon for private agenda.

Sickness can be an evacuation or retching forth of what does not belong - and as such a process of renewing health. But to seek to get rid of our hatred and fear by scapegoating the other is a temporary relief that fuels a deeper cycle of suppression and inevitable crisis.

Bringing forth integrity of being through whatever we do and whoever we meet is not a call to sacrifice life to a moral coercion. It is to be restored to the joy of sharing life as an alignment and expression of who you truly are. The 'How' is usually demanded by fear of change; by the establishment. But one step at a time is an ongoing practice that shifts perspective from manually controlling life as if it is hostile to us, to an inner rebalancing and integration in flow - that includes and embraces and harmonizes the identification within the personality, so as to become more conductive to the intuitive AND truly intellectual qualities of expression, rather than locked into rationalisations of a failure to love. Love is an extension of the gift of Life - in all its qualities. To seek to make our self special is to reject the Gift in order to exclusively focus on our pet project - which can only result in a conflicted experience.

I write to add a perspective to the consideration that each is of course always free to receive or not, and accept or not, as is resonant and relative to the currently active purpose in the reader.

I wrote this into a Daily Bell editorial as a willingness to illuminate beneath the forms of polarised argument, and toward restoring a true foundation for economy and culture.

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