Monday, 13 April 2015

The New Militarism: Who Profits?

The New Militarism: Who Profits? By Ron Paul 
A Daily Bell editorial
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My comment:
Money isn't the motive excepting it serves an agenda of gaining and consolidating power. Strategic 'profits' also come into the balance sheet.

Who profits from inflaming and fuelling conflict? Proxy puppeteers who are themselves hollow?

Our real choice is the embodying of who we truly are. Wars operate to block and distract such awareness, hollowing out true wealth and substance and replacing with debt-driven identity founded, conditioned and managed by reaction.

Ideas operate invisibly until revealed in a fresh perspective - as if money itself is wealth. Ideas become currency by sharing them. Manipulators attempt to coerce ideas which always and can only 'come back with interest' in its own timing. I appreciate what I know of Ron Paul's willingness to communicate what other players are scripted to hide.

If our self and world definition gives rise to a system of idea by which a few enslave the many while destroying the whole, then there is a natural call to re-evaluate everything we believe true and test it within a deeper honesty than we may at first be willing to open to.

Coercive power acting as if to overcome coercive power simply consolidates and densifies identity defined in powerlessness - for only the fear of powerlessness drives the lust to power and generates and adapts a personality that ONLY operates within war.

The few embody for all a role in the picture of a consciousness ruled by fear - and generally by shadow fear that is not at first apparent, and last to be recognized in one's own thought system - for the personality is designed to mask it.

A mask of presentation is not true substance; but a manipulation. Presence extends or embodies a genuine willingness of communication that the mask cannot see - but can catch up with when the effects show up on the radar and then absorb or subvert the forms that it can see. Everything can be mimicked but how to tell the real deal? "It takes one to know one".

To study the arts of the 'enemy' is to invite a trojan horse into one's heart and mind. The 'enemy' is a shifting changing idea of the hated and feared - or the scapegoat for such guilt. We export hate in 'self righteous' deceit and then import the pain that wounds and fuels the hate. Until of course, we recognize what we are subscribing to or participating in and choose to face and move through our fears rather than be ruled by them in shadow puppetry of thinly veiled hatred stripped of any residual appeal to legitimacy.

Perhaps the last shred of justifiction is in reaction to being attacked as evil, for the mind is a cherry picker and will see the error in another or goad and bait to bring it out and 'see' the evil in the other. That's its job until it is aligned to serve truth rather than determine it - and make a self out of warring over it.
The New Militarism: Who Profits?
By Ron Paul

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