Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Strangers at the Dinner Table

(Daily Bell article)

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The framework or agenda within which something operates is what it in effect is - whereas when it seems to be something 'known' a hidden agenda hides within that believed 'known' and effects the usurpation of the mind.

Shifting from a personally polarised dissension of reaction that currently accepted frameworks embody to be curious as to what is in effect revealing its cause, is 'looking within' as an integrative context to 'looking out' at the world. (Which is to release the reactive personal identity in yielding to a genuine willingness and curiosity).

We know by now that sowing dissension is the modus operandi of tyranny by deceit, and so dissension itself is a symptom of corrupted or adulterated definitions. Manipulating perception operates by substituting a falsehood or partiality for true. Once one loses a true grounding, the fall can be orchestrated by the efforts of one's own attempt to defend a false identity.

Ideas accepted and acted out have inevitable or logical consequences, which then become the 'market' to plunder, that the idea of plunder starts out from.

Everyone can be seen to be acting in accord with their world as they each and in each moment believe and thus experience it to be. The personalisation of difference as a reactive reinforcement of identity diverts from uncovering one's own predicates or foundation.

An identity in reaction is no true foundation at all and yet seems so very obviously fact when enough agree it true.

There are many many instances of history where confusions and cultural schism of wars and migrations due to calamity have effected co-fusions or blended shifts of cultural adjustments. Social engineering attempts this model manually - as everything of the disconnected ego sense attempts to manually replicate and replace what it otherwise has no authority patent or control over.

War on Life is aka asserting a lie in the face of true. The obvious rationality for this is fear. Fear is not a true foundation from which to live.

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