Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Engineering self extinction

FDA Pushing To Regulate Homeopathy Out of Existence?

An article on Green Med Info

My comment:

Asserted ' scientific truths' used as weapons by a sickness racket pretending to serve health.

The politics of sickness as a vector of control extends globally through every aspect of our biology of body-mind and environment. It does this through corrupting cells and capturing regulatory systems and natural defensive capabilities to operate AGAINST its host.
When an idea runs rogue in the body politic, it seeks out and kills all that might threaten its survival. Thus the fraud is often the loudest voice shouting quackery! Or the gullible are set up and triggered into enacting an agenda by which they believe themself superior, special, advanced in their career or remuneration or protected from otherwise adverse events or conditions.

Those who have no eyes to see, will not see. War or willingness is a choice. But war dictates and frames choices only to perpetuate its agenda. Truth is sacrificed to the 'god' of war.
Militant 'believers' in science are not practitioners of a willingness and curiosity to uncover truth. The model has become a power base by which to predate upon and exploit, that operates a much more pervasive tyranny of "church and state" than the Vatican ever could. But the real tyranny is within our own thinking. What is projected and reflected as a sickness of humanity upon ourselves and our world is the result of a kind of false parasitic thinking, in which fear subverts and replaces integrity with 'war thinking' - with an identity founded upon and embodying conflict.

International 'trade' agreements such as TTIP are being set up globally to subordinate sovereignty not only of national governments relative to corporate agenda, but of our biology to the likes of Monsanto. There is no way to see this being enacted in our midst while sucking on the worldview of a manufactured and managed identity. Apparently protected from its deeper fears but actually  being manipulated through them.
Therefore the correcting response is to uncover and face our fears so as to no longer be suckered into coercive and manipulative deceits posing as saviours.

"Yes it works in practice - but does it work in theory?" !
Empiric medicine was engineered out of the medical profession by Rockefeller Carnegie money and malice working through the funding and setting up of teaching facilities.

Oh look up something like prozac fraud if you really think the wolves are not wearing scientist's clothing. "Unreason' is within the distorted thinking of the corrupted establishment - not out there in conspiracy nuts and quackery.

" It cures. So what! Is it patentable? Now you are talking.... Multiple side effects? - a revenue stream. Peer reviews and FDA approval?  - We have established a network of trusted individuals in all the right places. Media? - Yes we can set the narrative. Opposition? - People don't really know what they want. We can help them recognize their true interests via any number of proven strategies. We own the opposition. Lies? - There are no lies in war and war is the name of the game in which losing is the only sin. Truth? Its what you make it, son - now listen to me...."

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