Sunday, 12 April 2015

Poisoning the Wellspring of Life... for illusory private gain

Toxic Weed Killer Glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup) Found in Breast Milk, Infant Formula

The above article needs no elaboration.
A commenter said:
Monsanto is a plague on planet Earth and its inhabitants.
Cursing may be an understandable reaction, but doesn't challenge the framework within which the problem is set and so it perpetuates or persists in it whilst identifying in righteous reaction.

Use what you know is NOT you to identify what IS you and the emotional force of disgust or anger etc to more forcefully align to who you Are - instead of being lured into identified by what you are not. Repentance in its original sense is an immediate release or dropping of baggage that occurs from waking truth. There is a kind of thinking - a kind of identity - that operates as an enslaving and destructive influence upon our lives - and our ways of interpreting and experiencing our lives.
Truth shows you you are free, but unless we act from it, we undermine our own true wholeness with thinking that seeks power and freedom from and over others, and that is not our true relationship with life - no matter how many acting as if it was for however long.
I only write this as an example of using the negative when it manifests in our experience, to generate a positive outcome. But this means questioning or challenging everything we believe true about ourselves and our world - and THAT is the wake-up that few come to without a crisis of a most fundamental choice.
Re integrating to true being will never arise from within a dis-integrity of being; the false has to be recognized and no longer given allegiance. Hating and fighting feeds attention of a negative charge to what otherwise would NOT be given the power to deny your wholeness of being. One starts wherever and in whatever one finds to be the case and the key is a listening receptivity to true being in a true willingness rather than being identified by fear's reaction.
Monstanto is a cocreated expression of fear, hate and deluded disconnection from the knowing that is our natural and true inheritance. As well as holding the false to witness and account, look to our true appreciation of Life and let it communicate through us - and in shared reflection, to us -instead of seeking to manually usurp and manipulate the Life to our own private agendas.

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