Sunday, 12 April 2015

Graded or degraded?

Smoking cannabis WILL affect students' grades, says new report
- particularly if you are studying maths

A curious initial discovery for many who experience the shifted perception afforded by a somewhat forced biological drug effect, is of breaking the spell of a mask by which their perception had been itself confined and conformed to a coercive and fear driven agenda.

But without a true grounding of self honesty and relationship that embody such honesty, the apparent freedom of perception merely becomes conformed to a subtler version of the masked agenda that is essentially an expression OF a fearful self definition.

Targets and "incentives" and blame culture do not make society function harmoniously - but the reverse! Look up!

So in some sense the 'dropping out' from a false motivation for doing anything can be a preparation for finding and living from a true foundation. This, however is a matter of self-honest willingness for life and not the manipulation of consciousness.

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