Sunday, 1 March 2015

Faith in Life!

Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

Following on from the last entry, because someone addressed my comment thus:

Praetor commented:

You, speak of Soul and the Physical Biological World, that be the reason we are all here, how to live in solid physical world, while having a soul (spirit) and making it work, can it be done, that is the question? The answer to that question, TIME will tell. The two are separate and are now one, can the two be one or should they remain separate. I surmise, that is the great experiment, can they be one? The soul requires only peace and love, the physical requires everything nature can provide (food, water, air, sleep, rest and everything else to stay alive), so the higher mind has set in motion, where we are, and the out come is up to us, to make it work, will we make it work???

I speak of Consciousness. Consciousness OF physicality is part and parcel of BELIEVING and experiencing ourselves as a separated "mind" within a body within a physical universe of bodies. That one CAN experience and identify as this separated persona is evident. But no one is IN such a world any more than a wish can replace truth.

The notion of 'separateness' operates the lens darkly by which to experience a reversal of consciousness. However, there are limits to the ability or capacity of believing and identifying in the untrue. Pain and meaninglessness being chief among them.

Thinking without true relationship is a disconnected thought-mind - but mind is not, can not, will never, exist as an actually independent entity. While such thinking asserts its 'self', there are no ears to hear.

Whatever Life Is, already is, and is working perfectly. Each of us and all of us together are our own 'experiment' or theme of experience and exploration.

The nature of consciousness itself is integral to my experiential relationship and discovery. It is of course my joy or natural calling - along with the embodiment of an integrated consciousness. It is all a matter of perspective.

When ideas run - or are accepted into your mind, they are experienced as perception. Regarded as reality and then reacted to and acted upon as if true. By the power of your acceptance do ideas run in your mind. Fear usurps the mind but only while you give it the power to do so.

Will you - regardless of what anyone else chooses - choose to align with what you resonate most honestly as true of you in relevance to your current experience? I suggest that although this could be seen as a matter of time, it is truly a matter of willingness.

Holding onto a mistaken investment is like supporting a lie, for it costs the joy of a true movement of being, in which Soul reveals itself evident as Living Context rather than being demanded in sacrifice to a 'blind god'. Identity is investment. But to release all things to Source is to BE identified perfectly. One cannot bring love into fear but as sacrifice to fear's 'reality', but fears can be brought to love in willingness FOR Perspective.

It is all a matter of perspective - and that the choice to assert and coerce is the limiting and losing of perspective. Of course there is another way. But until there is a willingness, it does not appear. To find willingness, one may have to first honestly acknowledge and own one's wilfulness or unwillingness. There is fear, pain and anger in guilt that invalidates Life. There is a messenger here to be received. One never meets 'the world' but through one's own psycho-emotional-physical construct.

The opposite of blind (private agenda) coercive manipulation of Life is yielding (private agenda) into Life.

One cannot serve two masters of opposite and exclusive directions.

Faith in Life is implicit, the instant one recognizes the false as false, for the true stands evident and in that knowing is it simply obvious one IS Life and not somehow 'outside and apart and acting upon it'.

You cannot experiment UPON yourself who Are One Self. But you can engage in conception and perceive idea in which fear seems to split or fragment such a consciousness. Isolate and alone. But how could such a game of powers be played without rival, adversary, ally and enemy?

"It's Life, but not as we know it Captain".

Perhaps the 'third eye' is our true front ear. And 'space' is not 'out there after all, but reflecting an embracing awareness of All That Is. Time serves the unfolding script. But time is running out for the script to remain hidden. Does mon santo mean 'my holy'? Is that not the error in identification in a nuts-hell? For what you give (idea) is what then gives you. 'Thy holy' is a willingness to honour and acknowledge the presence of Life in Creation - that appears perhaps to be a world outside you. Do this 'just because' and not in order to 'get', and you will simply align with the true of you - and have the reflection.

Integrity is true relation.

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