Sunday, 1 March 2015

Faith in illusion?

Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

The Daily Bell comments on the memes - on the current ideas - being propagated or incepted in the body politic. I recommend reading the article and some of the comments.

The term 'faith in science' is an interesting term to choose.
Conscious faith is accorded what is accepted true of oneself, but blind faith gives power to ideas as ideals and indeed as idols.
That which is accepted true is given protection and investment, and the wish that distorts perception to serve the purpose of the perceiver is the ego-centric identification within attempt to 'control' reality; to exercise power over Consciousness, Life, Self and Other. This is not at all obvious to a mind that is designed to hide its power behind a sense of limitation, deprivation and lack. And it is impossible to convince such a mind that it is suffering delusion excepting by waking as the perspective upon illusion. This occurs spontaneously when the illusion disintegrates as a believable reality. When one's experience increasingly calls it into question and reveals lack of foundation where once seemed solid.

Clarifying our definition reveals a greater perspective. I use the term 'scientism' as distinct from the discipline of Science, I also see technologism as the inevitable effect of materialism - the materialism which operates as the active denial of Consciousness whereby to assert personal power upon a 'dead' universe in which death is the only natural outcome and where a kind of living death substitutes for real relationship. Materialism in this sense gets or sucks energy from relationships that it actually does not recognize AS relationship - because materialism ONLY sees relationships as a means to GET from.

The search for truth or the willingness to receive its illumination, can operate on many levels - all of which converge in a genuine willingness and capacity FOR relationship - because truth is a relationship and not an 'object' to be possessed, or used as a means of gaining control or power OVER Life.

The worship of coercive power is the religion of materialism. Everything derives its meaning from the god its serves for such is the nature of Source - or for what is accepted as a true foundation from which to live. And so 'science' as a tool of power is not concerned with true - but only with the power to make or subvert truths to its agenda. And to obfuscate its actions within complex layers of defence and diversion.

I look forward to rediscovering Reason and Science in cultural renewal, as a result of the deconstruction and exposure of the mind that would manipulate private or blind agenda at expense of the whole - including its own true interests. This exposure is not 'in the world' though our minds are reflected there. Deceit projects the unwanted and the rejected out from self onto world - where it may battle it or study it or engage in any form of apparent relationship with it, as long as it is kept apart and away.

A human world that poisons and destroys itself while engaging delusions of grandiosity and abject powerlessness is an expression of faithlessness - of giving faith to that which undermines integrity - which dis-integrates, segregates and struggles for power to 'survive'.
This 'self' is insane or operating from a 'disconnect'. Once one SEES it, withdrawal of investment is inevitable. Therefore it operates deceit by which to seem to provide power and protection. Divisions of conflict, fear and doubt trigger existential fears that call upon the re-enactment of the separation or split consciousness. This technique is so over used now that it too is wearing thin.
The mind - in the sense I am referring to the split-minded consciousness, is a trickster; an evasion, an attempt at denial or refusal of Life as Relationship, Communication and Creation of such extension and embodiment of presence. Refusing division is being of one mind by abandoning the drama of self - that is by pausing to listen or receive. The term 'higher mind' points to inspiration, intuition and discernment. Use it or lose it. But one cannot actually disconnect from the Consciousness of which one exists. One can only generate the experience of disconnection in subjectivity to power now seeming outside of and generally hostile to oneself; materialism.

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