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The attempt to impose order upon perceived 'Other'

Obama Builds a New Country One Immigrant at a Time?

White House Plans to Develop a "Country Within a Country" of 15 Million "New Americans" ... The White House has plans to legalize 13 to 15 million illegal immigrants who will then establish a "country within a country." – Independent Sentinel

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This article is one of many that attempts to read the 'power game' that unfolds in human affairs. My comment is no less to some of the comments of others to the issues of power, and liberty.

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The attempt to impose order upon perceived 'Other'

Anything can be used as a weapon - and deceit and disguise operate to disable or circumvent defences. Thus grow ever more sophisticated ways of embodying hate or loveless intent. However, complex the forms in which it is presented, hate still operates a false currency of joylessness, easily discernible by the joyous, but traded in as real by those who sacrifice joy in order to get something special for themselves alone - who operated in masked or private agenda amidst ever shifting powers and deceits as if THAT is life, and joy is in winning it at another's expense.

The idea of rationality based upon ideals of individual  and collective freedom is itself a trojan horse via which the feudal system was broken open and replaced. Beliefs that can be incepted or propagated and established as currency of exchange, operate as a falsely framed "reality" in which freedom is substituted for by struggle within and upon a conflicted experience of self and world.
Materialism, is the idea of external 'creator' imposing meaning upon a subjective and split off self-sense - necessarily at war with everything. The belief in objective 'Reality' arises from making a 'god' out of the agreement to a private 'creatorhood' self-experience. The immediate reflection of operating coercive will upon Life is of being victim to coercion, and believing it, because one establishes its reality in oneself by WANTING coercive will to be true. But blinded by its own attack, it does not recognize it is its OWN, but makes identity of victimhood and subjection in loss and disconnection from Life - which is denied and substituted for by self-assigned and asserted meanings in the name of 'self-protection' and 'self'-advantage, which grows reinforcement from mutual agreement or usage.

Premises are EVERYTHING, for a false premise can only result in a conflicted outcome, regardless its initial promise of answer or escape. What then is a true foundation?
Surely, this is best answered by waking up to, and owning the false. For while the false is operating through the mind, unawares, one is operating from a premise of subjection; of being externally defined. It is true that the experience OF the world and its scripts is initially dependent upon acquiring and internalizing core definitions in which fear plays a part, but it is not true that thoughts leave the mind of the thinker - although they do extend to other minds because that is the nature OF mind.

The 'private possessor' mentality is as the tenant farmers in Jesus' parable who when the Master was absent, killed his messengers, for they would 'inherit' for themselves alone. This prodigal error effect an attack upon communication itself. Thus would truth be the first casualty but that division would invoke coercive rule in place of unified perspective - excepting truth cannot be attacked but only covered over with false witness. The belief that truth can be attacked is the belief that makes materialism.  But it is an image or idea, definition or idol of truth that is attacked.

Within the idea of materialism is the war-mind of conflicted self, and the fear mind of freezing and limiting consciousness from further pain. Attempting to change 'other' coercively and fearfully resisting change in fear of loss. For power (in its worldly sense) to seek to impose itself upon the 'other' of the powerless so as to persist and prevail, is simply a job description. That's what it does.
True power is shared - not from a premise of separate competing interests but from a true willingness. Of course the power-monger does not choose to dissociate from his power-defined identity. But true power is not about coercing someone ELSE or manipulating outcomes. It is the expression of the freedom to be who and what you are, in the living moment, and As the living moment. This communicates witness to Life free of coercion or persuasion, as the condition in which to know and be known truly - without need or call of a masked agenda.

The practicality arises from the recognition of the impracticality or dysfunction of the false premise and its ownership and release for true. Whatever goes on, we make choices from who we accept ourselves to be and how we perceive our situation. To be defined fearfully is to be already a victim, already under tyranny, and thus is hardly a surprise to see such mindset pictured in our world in all kinds of guises.

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