Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cometh the hour, cometh the robot?

This writing came from reading an article on ft.com  called 'Obama must face the rise of the robots'.

Work work work is 666 - never comes the 7 - the fulfilment.
But the 7 is not merely the symbol for  'job done - lets have time out for leisure' - but is that in consciousness which recognizes the fulfilment of the desire through the work and knows it Good. That is to say the aspect of awareness that fulfils the innate function of Life to "Know Thyself".
This cannot be substituted for AND be fulfilling. To fulfil a mechanical destiny is no fulfilment at all.

The goals associated with "getting" - whether that be getting wealth and power or getting more control - a better handle on manipulating mind or matter - are ALWAYS an expression of a sense of lack or fear and thus extend that consciousness such that, within it, one can never rest and Know that Life is Good.
Indeed the attempt to conquer and control life leads to a limiting process in consciousness such that man makes of his mind a machine. For Man has forgotten the nature and function of being amidst the idolatry of his own thinking.

Technology serving shallow and mechanically conditioned desires is blindly destructive and self-seeking. Wisdom is the discernment of truth - not in a philosophical sense of defining or determining truth - but of listening beyond our conditioned thinking for the true nature of an event or relationship and the true desirability or value of the movement of response.

I propose that Maslow's pyramid is upside down - and that all of what is beneath the apex is in fact only meaningful within its context. But Meaning is not as determined or defined by human thinking and then embodied in action - it is the very nature of the action itself in true light.

We do not see simply because we have effectively programmed our minds to see something else. The Faustian pacts by which we trade our Soul for power are the result of the 'devil' of our own wish to deceive ourselves - to become powerful and special in our own right.

Now those who get to wield the levers of the new Wizard of Oz may feel that this technology is for the benefit of all mankind - simply because it suits their current appetite for power over - rather than relationship with. But the loss of awareness of Soul is the gain of a meaningless existence - regardless of the spin that may be set upon it.

The machine is already installed and programmed in our minds - indeed we take it AS our mind! - The expression of this will continue in terms of the manual override of Life via technology of ever subtler interventions. The purport to serve Life is the appeal to justify technological 'answers' to issues that are much more complex expressions of problem in consciousness - and technology is being employed to insulate us from the true feedback in which a process in consciousness can find true healing or resolution. It insulates us from each other and enables a virtual existence to enact and transact hollow relationships.

The unfolding of the new technology offers a wake up opportunity to our minds - to our thinking - to the foundations we have been working, living and thinking FROM. The 'ghost in the machine' has it back to front. The machine is an artefact of MInd - not a mind or lots of minds - but Mind.

As you give so do you receive, is a law of Mind. Man's thinking has sought to control Life - himself, others and the world - and this leads directly to an experience of being exactly so controlled. We call the result, 'The Human Condition' - and we get stuck there because we do dot awaken to that it is a current conditioning and not a set condition. Until we change our mind about our mind - it runs a program of divide and rule, limitation and depletion, suffering and loss - for the sake of passing vanities.

Yes - there is a wonderful capacity and function of the providing of the means to fulfil vision and desire. But it needs to be truly felt of it will simply add further layers of entanglement to already ihtractable problems. BUT powerlessness is the beginning of humility and the waking to the need for true discernment. I sense that little of anything I write here can find an ear until the pride of our human thinking has been revealed to be all of a false foundation.

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