Wednesday, 6 February 2013


There are two kinds of crying. One is essentially manipulative, but the other is the uncovering of the truth of love. We get caught up in our story and read into it and live it as a virtual 'life'. This is not real relations but a drama of our own spinning in which we become identified. But Life is love - though the human mind covers it and dissociates from its true relation. And this love breaks through our defences and reveals a different perspective than that of 'my life' or my wishes.
The story of the sacrifice of innocence to a power of private self interest is archetypal. It cuts to our core because it is a story about our own loss of true being to a mentality of fear, guilt and manipulation from which we felt powerless to escape.
There is also something very intimate in looking at wilderness and feeling known. Truly intimate in terms of a deep stirring of our true being. This evokes all of the qualities of true being.
Let our tears be honouring of Life and it will grow in our hearts.

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David Attenborough admits crying over animals 

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