Thursday, 7 February 2013

A lack of cultural integrity - Staffs Hospital horror

I wrote this in a desire to look at the underlying mental and cultural context that is to my view, part and parcel of such inhumanity as has been uncovered in The Staffordshire hospital horror.

The ascendancy of rationality applied with a divisive and piecemeal analysis as a scientific discipline has subverted our thinking as a culture of control. This expresses itself as a corporate/consumer model when writ large - and a independent private mind writ small.

The emergence of digital processing technologies and connectivity has extended the reach of both corporate interest and of private consumption.

Information and communication have largely been subverted as a method of managing perceptions and manipulating minds.

But underneath all of this is the consumptive mindset of 'getting'.

The identification with 'getting' is considered normal or natural to us whenever we identify private or partial interests above true or whole interests, but it is compulsive, mechanical and superficial. It is disconnected from any true cultural inspiration and runs as a mechanical fulfillment of transactional tasks and targets met without actually expressing a relationship of trust. The lack of a community of trust is evident not only between the providers of the service and its recipients - but in the culture of the workplace and from the top down.

Devaluing human lives, in business and provision of services, subordinates real communication and relationship  to a pervasive culture of fitting into a machine that does not care and can not care. The combination of a blame culture with a litigious self seeking 'entitlement' as well as an absurdly cocooned risk averse orientation to life is a severely inhibiting set of conditions. Along with this is the corporate control of Big Money, and Big tech and Big Pharma, such that rich and powerful lobbies tend to set  or heavily influence the agenda in what they see as their best interests or simply seeing answers in terms of their own specialization or approach.. This effectively means people are processed for profit, in every walk of life including 'health care'.

The socialization and training of people to embody such a society undermines our native intelligence and buys us off with extra or extended powers of technical interventions and observations.

The idea that Man is a machine reduces us to the mechanical and this itself is an insanity or sickness as well as a blindness. The mentality beneath this IS a machine and needs to be seen as such from a truly living perspective.

The only way to renew a culture of inspiration that embodies the practical qualities of a truly connected or loving commitment in life, is by example. Where what people say and what they do is congruent, it witnesses to a power of life rather than power over life.

Society - western culture - is seriously out of alignment with the truth of life, and nothing will or can truly work when it works against our true nature and fulfillment as a mechanism outside the wisdom and guidance of the heart.

This is not sentimental - but a process that is transformational. The avoidance of real relationship is the refusal of life as transformational. The roots of our sickness are hidden by design and much of what is studied at the level of form is in fact the activity of camouflage and deception that works below the threshold of our consciousness. Our ideas shape our mind and reflect as our experience and behaviour. Look at the ideas that are active and discern honestly or be controlled by them unknowing!

Thankyou for your attention.

This is a general background response to the Staffordshire Hospital horror. Commented to an article:

Mid-Staffs: the inquiry has missed the mark

 "The terrible failures at Stafford Hospital were not about resources. They were about deep-rooted cultural problems that top-down recommendations will do little to change"

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