Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Primate change - wake up and smell the coffee!

Fear is contagious and can be used to leverage an outcome - but that strategy backfires when crying 'wolf!' brings derision.

We are not in control - it is inevitable that our attempts to gain control will move us into more out-of-control perceptions that ramp up the call for more control.

We are in relationship, not just with our environment and each other - but with the very Life that lives and moves us.

The control mentality seeks to exploit relationships and the relational mentality seeks to appreciate them. In the former is our corporate consumerism with its hollow asset stripping waste of life. In the latter is our true abundance.

There is a natural element of control within a system that is quite different in character from an imposed control. It arises from Life as a movement of integration.

The scientist broke a medieval stuckness but has simply personified another variant. Unless we accept a living relationship with Life we are sacrificing the Life to a conceptualisation that runs as a program of 'getting power and control' over Life.

The mind that believes its own thinking overlays the heart's knowing with justifications for its own dissociation.

A culture that expresses a wholeness of being is not a culture of private self-interest or even of collective self-interest. It is a culture of wisdom.

The attempt to 'do' Life manually is absurd. That doesn't prevent the folly of trying. But the Life is not a closed system that can be mapped and controlled to suit the comforts and vanities of virtual identities.

We adapt not only to external factors - but awaken to internal or cultural beliefs and definitions that are coincident with apparently external factors. And what we thought reality shifts. This is beyond the capacity of thinking to describe or account for, but Science is uncovering the Mind that is also the Universe - of which the scientist is integrally part of and one with - not as scientist - but as Mind Itself.

The human mind is a filtering control mechanism relative to Mind - but the experience is a partial and limited misperception of a Whole.
The change in climate is part of a larger change in which one could say we are opening into a greater perception of our wholeness as a unified integrity of being. But to the mentality of fear, guilt and control, it is read as a time of terrors arising, of powerlessness and inadequacy seeking ever more desperately to leverage compliance.

But this is because of the mechanism  or lens through which we look. A truly relational perspective is natural to us - if we put aside the mind of fear and walk out of the manipulations of guilt and listen to Life with an honesty of discernment, in our world, in our brother and sister - and in our own thought processes.

Listening is not getting a handle - it is coming back into true relation.

Written as comment to
Climate change means catastrophe in UK, not café culture says professor - in the Telegraph

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