Sunday, 28 September 2014

Just be our selves (Hope to faith to belief to knowing)

(I didn't keep track of the post to which this replied but it expresses hope for our world, but in perhaps a wishful way that does not activate, call forth or manifest very strongly)

Did you know that certain kinds of metamorphosis in nature have a crossover period in which two systems occupy the same body - and express the same DNA.

The parallels are strikingly resonant in me.

Hope is more than hope when it actively manifests a faith that itself becomes a knowing - but if one sets conditions and outcomes one hopes only for something that fits your shopping list and don't recognize or follow or grow the prompts that the energy of hope will bring into your day.

While there is a responsibility in communicating our presence in whatever way we most feel moved and in the arenas we feel called to engage in, there is not a personal responsibility for the form of the outcome excepting only this; that you will see it through the lens of your definitions and belief systems and will use it accordingly.

Humanity tries to force the mirror image to conform - but what is reflected in our world is a manifestation of our Consciousness - which is infinitely vaster than our personality structure - though that is the lens that is either transparent to aligned experience or 'a glass darkly' whereby we recognize nothing and know not what we do.

What is it to align with your Spirit or with the feeling of excitement, passion or joy that IS you and you know that in its expression as being on track regardless of the mental stuff of self-invalidations?

Crisis can awaken and stir us - but is fear of pain and loss the basis for our energy? It can be. It often drives the human world as a negative agenda. It can also be a way of running away from our self.

I feel 'lucky' (I prefer blessed) that YOU have 'come along (Praetor). The young have their own unfolding - but for sure we can inspire simply be being and holding any kind of true presence - because that is not more of the same attempts to coerce that calls forth THEIR defences.

We can only be ourselves. What if ALL that is really called for or required, is for us to be our selves? Obviously one can hide in that as an intellectualisation - but I'm not suggesting being an intellectualisation of yourself.

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