Sunday, 28 September 2014

Perfection here and now

Here's a reply to one of my comments that prompted my further reply below:

We will never enjoy a perfect world here on Earth. Yet, the powers that be can not have their wars without central banking fiat money. It was no accident that WWI broke out in 1914 after the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We take that away from them and free ourselves. It can be done if we focus on it.

Why not start with perfect moments and expand the idea? I am enjoying writing you now - and have no other agenda. Feels like nothing needs to be added or taken away - and thank you for your synchronicity.

The powers that be are exactly reflecting the beliefs and definitions OF power (and powerlessness) that are engraved but not indelibly so upon our hearts and minds.

I understand that racketeering evolves from the belief that if you don't get it someone else will, and whatever you get, someone will try to take it from - you just as you took it for yourself. A 'Mercantilism' that ITSELF becomes the host for a more disconnected parasite perhaps? The pursuit of power for its own sake without regard for anything else. It is a kind of inverted religion; a complete package, a path of self interest that seeks to become pure of any moral inhibition whilst using any form of any currency of beliefs to further its agenda. It is not without logic but its foundation is obvious by its fruits - though perhaps less so for those who follow their Faustian promise and actually believe they can win. Their victory is not glory of vengeance exacted, but death that initiates them to the opportunity to choose again. It is certainly possible to degrade one's consciousness further and yet further into terror and density but is that our choice - seen for what it is?

You've read the Protocols of Zion? Not the disinfo. It illustrates a comprehensive strategy of materialism given dedication and focus over generations. Regardless of whether this is correctly identified or merely setting up one particular tentacle of many as a proxy, it illustrates the personification of the negatively defined persona through time.

Like the Snowden NSA thing, it can seem that one uncovers forces that seem all powerful or almost… But that is also the mask of presentation by which one collapses and gives allegiance. (and collapsing into reaction is another form of allegiance because a true presence expresses its consciousness without collapsing and dissociating into displacement personae.

One has to be vigilant when opening to information that itself is not of a higher frequency. Fear can be contagious. If you do not open to that which inspires and so enjoy perfect moments in your day, you will become dispirited and recruitable for fear's agenda - whatever side of whatever issue.

You may be on track to undermine, limit or deconstruct the set up whereby a private sector cartel is effectively manipulating the US and indeed global financial system. But the way that is least able to be provoked into draconian reaction is of an honest willingness to communicate without oneself operating an agenda like unto their own. Maybe it's their job to be the Bogeyman in our times. I can't choose FOR them excepting to choose from an integrity that is also theirs if they are willing to yield to it. For integrity is not externally achieved in man's praise, but opened to in humility. We are all created equal - but I did not say born equal.

Most of us find our integrity severely undermined by terror, and then the devices we employ to cover over that sense of powerlessness also contain the seed of what they are serving to hide. There are some very driven people who are not aware of what really drives them, but only of their sense of necessity.

A strongly held focus can indeed accomplish more than can be at first imagined. Our motivation is always filtered by our definitions. If we come from a place of fear we will propagate fear even though our surface reality is full of the best intentions and the self-righteous certainty that fighting evil confers. As far as I see it - that is all within the scam and does not actually address its cause at all.

So I feel that if we focus on the Lifegiving - we can uncover the perspectives and resources needed.

But if one is drawn to become fascinated with evil - well do I have to spell it out for you?

Don't feed the troll!

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