Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Liberty without true joy is slavery in disguise

I read a bit of writing in the Daily Bell about personal liberty

I felt to reply using a quote from A Course in Miracles that exemplifies the confusion of freedom (in the mind of humankind):

The Last (end of) Judgement might be called a process of right evaluation. It simply means that finally all men will come to understand what is worthy and what is not. (What you put out is what you get back). After this their ability to choose can be directed reasonably. (Reason being sanity).
"Until this distinction is made, (Until Sanity dawns) the vacillations between free and imprisoned will cannot but continue. The first step toward (regaining awareness of innate) freedom, must entail the sorting out of the false from the true. This is a process of division only in the constructive sense, and reflects the true meaning of the Apocalypse". (The exposure and undoing of the coercive delusion in free willing choice) *

In simple terms free willingness is a lack of coercive intent operating in open awareness.

Imprisoned will or wilfulness, operates out of a coercive sense of the wish-belief that it is or can become free to operate from outside and upon relationships. That is is and can be an independent power unto itself without relational constraint or obligation. It thus imprisons itself by the opposing reactions that arise in opposition to the acts that express the identified wish. It further cements its identity by joining with others in endlessly shifting attempts to reinforce an agenda against the current sense of adversity or opposition - that it has become addicted to, as the justification of its use of power as coercive intent.

Back to the text of A Course in Miracles, from which I quoted above* (The brackets are my comment):

"Man will ultimately look upon his own creations and will to preserve only what is good. just as God Himself looked on what He had created and knew that it WAS Good " (God).

The liability of ANY system of ideas, rules, and even self imposed laws is of replacing relationship that requires actual presence, with a program that then operates and invites mindlessness - or lack of a present appreciation and awareness.

Along with that is the ideas that are magnified or implicitly built into the foundations of the system. Popularised and now outdated scientific expectations of coercing the mechanism of the biology to support and enable a persistent lack of responsibility (and proper regard for feedback to irresponsibility) of both a personal and collective nature.

We define ourselves into coercively oppressive experience by accepting and asserting what is not true of us…

But… if I really be who I am… it will result in [fearful and painful scenario].

The fearful definition justifies not only 'BUT' - it justifies the choices that perpetuate the 'devil we know' rather than choose what is - until we step through it - the 'unknown'.

Fear of the unknown is actually a negative projection which regardless of conditioning constitutes a CHOICE or decision.

To free oneself of fearful and coercive negativity, one may have to grow the new whilst persisting in the old. (Giving to Caesar whilst leaning into God - creative freedom of being who you really are).

This is similar to metamorphosis in that the new grows in the body while the old breaks down or is repurposed to the new.

There is no freedom but that one lives from it. Anything else is a pipe-dream that invalidates the present excepting insofar as it  is used to get somewhere else. While we are, where we are, we have freedom to see it from various perspectives, including spontaneous creative discoveries of the More of Life - of what we are. The search for freedom is generally the illusion that keeps the slave-mentality hidden, because there is no real appreciation of what it is apart from escaping the currently defined frying pan to jump into the fire.

Faustian pacts are the result of seeking PERSONAL freedom at the expense and exclusion of others. This is how 'shadow power' works - by appealing to a sense of self-specialness and superiority which it can also use to feed you to the mob.

True individuality is not exclusive to or identical with the personality or ego-self with its mentally self justifying cleverness. It is the truth of you in which you meet the truth of others and of the world that reflects you - in both individual AND collective, because Consciousness is not 'in' a separate mind in a separate body, but translates and extends through it.

Indivisibility extends from God to Soul to the Souls' expressions or creations. Oneness is operating as a complex and rich communication and reflection of the Many in the All. It is judgement that divides the indivisible so as to 'rule'. This 'divide and rule' is the lens of the belief in separation from our Soul freedom - the freedom to truly know and feel and share our being - as the ordinary condition of existence. This does not occur in the vacuum of isolated ego - but as everyone knows, nature abhors a vacuum! 

IT is always trying to get in - and IT is fear of loss, fear of inadequacy and humiliation, fear of pain, fear of guilt and punishment. Maybe dressed as the bill that you know you can't pay, the marriage you can't keep together, the person you can't stand to be with, the prognosis from the doctor…

Note that in the Zionic Protocol, the ideas of freedom are a principle weapon in breaking in to plunder and feed off the unmindful.

The nature of coercive power is that it gives a sense of self-power but without recognising one is in fact being used. This goes ALL the way up the pyramid. It is also called pride, arrogance and ignorance.

Fear-given power is fear, given power. Nothing good comes of it excepting the recognition that it is NOT you/worthy of you and so 'thank you but no thanks' leaves it in disregard.

Statism is a corrupted idea with… corporations warring against and feeding off populations via whatever opportunity available. The church of scientism is in bed with a cancerous state-veiled corporatocracy and the dark ages are back with vengeance.

But beneath all of that is… so what!

What is that for me to focus upon accept and live from? So there is a coercive intent in our mind that seems to run amok and induce us to sacrifice our freedom for a struggle that never ends. The first casualty of war is truth so that once entranced in the mindset, one cannot see anything truly. One doesn't have to make war to hold to one's integrity and give a true witness into a willingness to listen. We can't MAKE people listen, but we can create and support the conditions in which they are more likely to re-evaluate their choices.

We can MAKE people be healed, but we can embody the frequency and the conditions in which they allow their healing to occur.
The It that is trying to get in, is the You that was rejected in adopting an imposture. Healing is the natural movement of reintegration to a wholeness of relation and function that coercion is blind to.

Ha! I thought this would be a short one!

A Course in Miracles is freely available out of copyright to legally read online or download.

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