Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tyranny is fear given power

Tyranny IS fear given power. By aligning with fear one reinforces the tyranny in oneself and teaches it to others.
But only if they are already sharing the same error.
(Regardless what comes out of the mouth, we all teach what we accept true for us and actually believe - all the time).

It is fear that comes forth to protects us from fear, as a way of persisting in the power it seems to confer.

To abide in what you know is true of you despite the baitings and conditionings of fear.
To step out of the bounds of one's own fear.
To relinquish the falsity of self that accompanies the lie, to be who you are because it is who you are - and ride with the consequences whatever they may be... the essence of awakening to Life. It is an energetic transformation of focus, perspective and experience - rising out of a willingness for a true integration of being.

Recognizing the fear that is actually at work opens the perspective, that a negatively defined sense of self can seem to operate as a conspiracy of evil intent. In which case fighting the perceived 'evil intent' is a diversion from addressing the root fear AND feeds the justification of fear in others toward anything you are trying to communicate or propose.

Fear - is something to embrace, include and more directly observe. This can only occur while it is in awareness. Fear makes the mind that attempts to deny exposure of its working.

'The deceiver' is of such subtlety that never in a billion years would anyone out-think it or beat it at its own game. Yet that is exactly what its baiting provokes - the belief that YOU can win - which extends to your group, your plan, your agenda etc. There's a line in a Leonard Cohen song: "You win a while... and then it's done... your little winning streak".

In general in recent times we have collectively settled for so much less than we are. Under the spell of a promise that corrupts all who take the bait.

If you want to wait for others to come out of fear's closet, you can join all the others waiting for something to change - something to save them. So something is changing - everything is getting more and more difficult to live life in and this may be a 'saviour' in that it shifts the balance of risking embrace of change vs the 'devil you know'.

Surely the first real change is the relief of self-honesty and the peace within that is sacrificed by living a lie.

The mind is a tricksy thing until it is placed in service of the heart's knowing. Learning to notice and release that which isn't you is easier in a crisis - because one simply cannot afford it and you know it.

So let the dead bury the dead... and join with the 'rest of us' - and have rest at a level fear does not want you to know exists. Fear distorts perception. A truly clear or innocent perception judges not good or evil but sees the reflection of the light of its own awareness. What you choose to focus on is up to you. Fear shouts or terrorises to make you look down or seduces you to look away - but where You choose to focus your attention is up to You.

You cannot step into the light alone. Your acceptance cannot but extend to others - automatically of itself. What we live to each other speaks a language that our words tend to be used to disguise or hide. Why do we not see the love that we know is there? Fear of love is obscured by fear of evil. There is a catch 22 at the foundation of our thinking - that then inevitable reflect in our world.

Acting with integrity, passion and presence without making it conditional on specific outcomes is 'being who you are'. This cannot NOT extend and grow its own reflections in our world. Growing the new foundational structure is not the work of the same old thinking. One has at some point to be 'cut' from false or shallow roots and come through to a natural un-manufactured conviction as to who and what you choose to be - and then discover what that life is by living it.

(NOTE - it reads both ways: Tyranny is fear, given power. and tyranny is fear-given power).

The writing above was prompted by reading the following post:

Bologna in The China Shop said:

This promotion implies that honest journalism and hard hitting whistleblowers can reform the existing system. This is a nice narrative for those naive individuals who are awaiting our heroic media to arrive on a white horse. These well meaning journalists will inform our do-gooder government officials (who only have our best interests in mind) of how to best reform our society.

For the rest of us, we can see that our current form of fascist corporatocracy precludes media networks from delivering a messages which could result in meaningful reform. Similarly, our government bureaucrats can not hear or act on such messages even if they were aired by mainstream outlets.

Expecting reform under the above circumstances is an impossible catch 22.

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