Saturday, 21 June 2014

The freedom within God to experience your own meanings

When someone thought that my using the G-word invalidated my person and thus my comment as silly, I felt to invite another perspective for using the term "God' to point to ineffable truth that is forever beyond the mentality and perception of argy bargy.

The attempt to use "God' as weapon loses all appreciation of our true nature. It doesn't change our true nature.

- - -

Insofar as I use 'God' as a term, it is never as a coercion or as an object of belief. Not as a special or separate power acting upon a world of powers.

In order to discern the meaning of anything rather than simply replay one's own script, one has to be able to put aside one's own script and truly listen. If you bring willingness to listen you will encounter you're own bias, your own fears, and the 'gods' or definitions and beliefs that give you a sense of self, of reality, of justification!

These conditionings effectively dictate and direct the surface conscious persona that is thus provided.

IF you challenge and question all such dictates you will come to see the fears that they served to hide, and you will be free to choose to protect them or release them. It's up to you. But while you effectively give your power away to 'gods' that substitute for your will, you sleep in the dream of the world.

A world in which dumping 'sillyness' on another, gives a 'special you' its sense of validation. But I tell you you do not need to get your validation from the world of division and one-up-man-ship, you can receive it directly as a movement of your being; through you to your world, to your brother.

Give as you would receive because they are one and your will is done!
But whereas a personal will may reflect your private experience, Universal Will reflects a truly Shared Existence.

The private will is 'engineered to fail', and "Thank the Grace of our Being" this is so. Coercion is not the way Life unfolds its own fulfilment, but if you want to try it, go ahead!

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