Saturday, 21 June 2014

Political Bankruptsy

The current set of ideas in orthodox political thought are as bankrupt as the financial system that subverted and distorted them from their original inspirations.

Such 'politics' is a politics of perception modelling and management; the art of masking and manipulating one's actual agenda, which is one of fear, power and control.

Uncovering this aspect of our human conditioning can support the idea that we are a machine running according to laws that can be determined and thus used to control society in ways that 'save us' from the evils which frustrated or undermined 'progress'.

This idea seduces those who themselves have not owned their own fears and who cling to identities of control that select and project particular evils that are then to be eradicated.

Behind the idealists are those who fund, nurture, subvert and infiltrate, so as to use the self-blinded to serve a power agenda - which has absolutely no allegiance to the ideals excepting while it serves their interest to seem to do so.

The systems that are supposed to eradicate or defend against evils have become systems that propagate and perpetuate them. They become 'rackets'.

But whereas a few bad apples can be flushed out, systemic corruption is a pervasive mental blindness that defends against being exposed.

The appeal to government to protect us from our fears, brings a kind of governance that 'manages' our perceptions and 'protects' us from our true freedom.

Only the willingness to own our own fears and move through them, allows freedom. Freedom is being who you are rather than attempting to fit into what you are not. The latter does not support health and well being, it can only fail, over and over again.

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