Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Mythic self

 Comments into an article on Myth and Modernity:

As soon as there is self definition, there is a differentiation that generates or creates experience.

However, differentiation within a unified consciousness is more of a vibrational resonance - that cannot be directly translated into terms of a segregated consciousness, because it Is You, rather than something happening TO a someone presumed to be you.

The differentiation of a segregating intent is the basis of the story self. A self-construct that uses mythic or story continuities to assert its narrative as the central character framework that defines and filters a seemingly private experience.

The personality construct is a vehicle through which to experience the physical or externalized 'reality'. It operates as self definitions and beliefs, feelings and thoughts - with the experience reflecting this activity - much of which is unconscious or filtered out by the surface persona.

Choosing in a sense, to be defined by our own story rather than the energetic reception of That which is prior to the operation of a segregating prism, makes story the nature of our self and reality.

Drama of personae, cast amidst scenes and props that embody and reflect a will to power; a wish that things align THUS! - which then unfolds a multilevel Script of infinitely rich reflection - all of which reaffirm and uphold the 'identity' of the central character in a process of unfolding transformative changes.

The uncovering of the perspective beyond the drama is sometimes called self or Self-Realisation. The motive of the reintegration of Consciousness is that which stirs, wakes, reveals and uncovers the self and its world-reflective experience and identity - from a Unified Perspective that is essentially timeless.

Myth and stories reflecting the outgoing or segregating movement provide the dramatic frameworks for developing and growing themes and specific abilities; 'Man as a process of becoming'.

These are recognized or 'known again' as qualities of being.

Mutual reinforcement is the sharing of core beliefs and definitions such as to 'agree to focus on self-segregating consciousness'. In this sense our subjective sense is always already communicating itself as the presumption and assertion of a separated 'will'.

The symbol of Jesus is the idea that this 'will' can be discerned and truly accounted for, put aside and so make way for a Universal 'Will' which is not other than the undistorted communication of Being unto Itself. In this 'story' Man does not become the Light, but yields coercive distortion to the Light of an All Pervading Awareness. An awareness that the mythic 'self' forgets, usurps and denies in order to 'know itself' as judge or determiner of reality.

The mythic or symbolic aspects of our experience in the world can thus serve the discernment of the structures and devices by which such 'divide and rule' consciousness appears to replace 'Unify and extend'.

"Go forth and multiply" is not an option - but WHAT we each choose to extend and propagate will be the nature of our experience.

The reintegrative capacity of consciousness is the capacity to discern directly what is resonant and relevant to the current unfoldment of unique signature vibration. When we are aligned truly, all else is aligned to our clear appreciation and there is the capacity to move within an overall flow rather than assert a coercive will in ways that exacerbate struggle and pride.

Resonance is a different order of 'knowing' than rational construct. The knowing in the heart can guide and support rational activity instead of being usurped and enslaved or denied by it.

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