Saturday, 21 June 2014

Private - I - sation of true relational service

What ACTUALLY occurs as a result of privatisation tends to be a corporate asset stripping and downsizing that turns LIFE into CASH into DEBT.

What is called for is a RE-alignment with true purpose.

WHAT is HEALTH? - and our individual and collective responsibility for promoting and extending it? What is the remit of a NHS.

Be aware that the taxpayer funds a system that pours money into a racket that makes us sick and herds us into managements systems for an ever more mechanised and medicalised definition of human being.

Our thinking is sick and needs to be reevaluated at its foundation. Consciousness responsibility is first awakened consciousness - but the word conscious is now presumed or applied to conditioned mentality that is indeed a mechanical and manipulatable system.

The coercive manipulation of human being is practised at many levels, as if second nature, and without recognition of its true costs and illusory benefit.

Those who believe and act out 'dog eat dog' = Human Being are only able to deliver forms of war in various disguises of 'balancing interests'.

The heart knows better, but we (generally) don't trust it because we are not in control (coercion) nor hold its ways to account (control). BUT the true and tangible presence of compassion, caring, of offering a genuine service and embodying cultural values in shared purpose, is SELF EVIDENT and needs to be the CONTEXT in which our various skills, abilities and decisions are brought into play.

However this requires a significant EDUCATION from the mentality that acts lovelessly (without true self-responsibility) and demands that others with drugs and hi-technology support it's habit.

A process of education is not coercively applied but willingly embraced and SHARED. Mistakes are PART of and true opportunity FOR LEARNING! Blame culture is anathema to growing trust, facilitating genuine communication and healthy outcome - but is the inevitable symptom of a fearfully coercive and manipulative mentality. LEARN from the symptoms for they are messengers for the heart's realignment.

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