Friday, 1 April 2016

Be ware at heart of the blaming game

This is responding to an example of the opinionating and blaming that diverts from discriminating and truly naming. It isn't specifically personal but takes that form as an open invitation to engage.

Opinions are hogwash. Demanding anything of another - including proof - is a way of denying them within the assertion of opinion pretending to fact. In denying them - are you free to assert a version of relationship of control rather than communication. This is the primal split of mind - and we have not evolved one iota from our starting place despite some very clever and fast form change.
Or you would see even the symptoms of attempt to control, in terms of communication. And reintegrate a split-mindedness to a wholeness of being.
You can seem to 'live' in a matrix of ambivalent shifting impressions so as to present the form that seems to fit the expediency of the conditioned meanings that 'control' such reaction. But it is all 'on the run' no matter how grandly it is dressed.

When is the fine mind going to begin to reflect upon its own programming? Not while the blame game operates. Not while loving to hate hides that there is a hating to love. What's with this power trip that is So sweet then? "I want it Thus!"... is that it? Is that all it is? Or is it fear of being found wanting? - lacking - powerless in your own Creation? TOTAL INVALIDATION.

It is no good building upon a mistake - sooner or later one has to go back to the foundations - because the mistake has never REALLY been covered over or 'left behind' or escaped. It has misidentified you since the moment of its reaction - when a mind seemed to leap out of terror and limit the unbearable. Is that 'power' or is that the limiting of power misperceived?

Aligning with true power is rest. Aligning with false power is perpetual war; forever seeking to 'prove' and validate or justify its 'self'. But maybe you ran off with a copy - a forgery - along with the guilt that expects to be punished for taking an image in vain - and expectation of having 'your' life taken back.

Beware of guilt and blaming hate - beware the fear where it leaps forth as if your mind protecting. Be aware first for what is first is the First - and let all else proceed as aligning in the power of awareness - that judges not but beholds. And in being held or found, you hold to and find the threads of vibration that are true of who you feel and recognize yourself to be.

To know and be truly known is without division of difference at the heart or light of true awareness. Nothing else is wholly true and therefore is a focussing within the differentiation from which to HAVE experience of the Indivisible and share in its knowing and being known.

Yes - you can lose your way so completely as to believe you have found your own power and it it must manage in disconnected attempts to make it real upon the belief and reactions of others and world. Or on the imagined virtual world of your versions of others and world. Is it a rehearsal for a life that will never activate? A way of diversion so that what is actively moving Life is denied your embodying gift?

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