Thursday, 31 March 2016

Don't be caught napping!

So-called 'news' media are a point of insertion for 'studies' and 'trial results' to drip into the directed narrative in contrived ways to prepare and seed private agenda that otherwise would not result.

This was medicalising and demonising afternoon napping

My comment:
Medicalizing society is subjugating, making docile and controlling society.
The fraudulent nature of so many 'trials' is well documented by such courageous communicators as Robert Whitaker or our own Dr David Healy. (go youtube) The planting of cherry picked and predetermined scripts into the newsfeeds is always PR or advertorial to more than just profits - for the capture of regulatory bodies means that cynical fraud can hide behind 'clinical' expertise.
These are the people who bought you the demonisation of saturated fats that are essential to health (and brain health). The hoax of chemical imbalance in the brain as the 'medical' cause of emotional and psychological distress or difficulty. The false association of cholesterol with heart disease - and the demonisation and fear of Sunlight!
In short, the actual result of much health - or should we say sickness management - is to make us sick - and make us fear sickness even when taking a nap!
Unbelieveable! - Excepting people DO believe it at some level because they have a fear of self-responsibility and therefore trust the 'parenting' institutions that have largely been subverted by trillion dollar publicity and marketing expertise.

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