Friday, 1 April 2016

I-dodge for uninterrupted screen life

On being told of this device...

No one seems to realize that their consciousness is 'outing' or coming out from the closet in our technology patterns.
The idodge is already installed in humankind as the capacity to sleepwalk through life without actually meeting anyone - really - so as to maintain the screen identity.
Of course recognizing this is itself waking from the 'matrix' and so it cannot be allowed to be recognized - perhaps by generating a way of sleepwalking that passes off as waking up - without actually putting down the screen identity.
In 'ordinary' terms of talking about this - the obvious development is being chipped and bio-teched into a managed 'reality'. That's a protection racket that will sooner or later be packaged as "an offer you cant refuse".

Just as the very rich get private doctoring and the poor are pharmacologically controlled - the bio-tech future will split humanity (is already so doing) along the lines of HG Wells time travel prophecy - which may in fact have been simply privy to the plan rather than reading the signs.

For those who don't recall or haven't read The Time Machine - there are those who eat - and those who are eaten. Technology will only extend the patterns of power already in play - unless their reflections are used to wake up from playing out the dream of a split off or disconnected sense of thinking - wired up to disallow communication even it it stands at the door and knocks.

Of course it may be that the bio-tech is just the stepping stone to AI. Why have messy, weak, hateful betrayals of a life that just wont play along with your Vision - when you can 'upload' your consciousness and 'live' forever without actually sensing or feeling anything ever again - being a Perfected One whose screen-reality has transcended all such 'limits' to experience the perfect isolation of its own thought un-challenged and unsullied by being bumped into or treated like a bumpkin!

I sense that some sense this is all going horribly, terribly wrong - but there are no controls or ways to change anything. No one can see or hear. As if a pact was made long ago and the power it seemed to give has disintegrated to leave a conditioned reaction in its place. So I shifted back in time to the last moment that truly free choice was still available with which to join and be joined in - to prompt a moment of such noticing - such a stirring to put the screen down and smell the coffee that is wafting upstairs from the kitchen where one who I share life with, speaks in acts of kindness - because we recognize we are of a kindness regardless differences that become the goad to grow - rather than the goal to diminish and wall out. I don't know that commitment is possible while it seems to be imprisonment. Something has to shift or waken to a fresh - even humble perspective. Until then the idodge is needed no doubt - but in being on purpose - all things automatically align to purpose. No 'external' technology called in to 'make life work' against the grain.

Perhaps that's the ultimate choice; whether to serve and follow and external directive or an innate guidance. The Earth story mixes these up like tares and wheat until harvest time - often associated with 'passing on' but really it is simply a true accounting. Crisis is the means by which a false accounting is revealed and corrected - unless of course the false system is 'too big to fail' in which case failure is more deeply defined in screen terms the ease a great quantity of pain onto human beings so that the system can continue to protect us.

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